Improve Comms Within Your Business In 5 Simple Steps

improve comms within your business in 5 simple steps

Your business needs strategic communications procedures to help everyone achieve their best work. If you’re looking to make a few improvements, try taking on board these five easy steps.

Run One-On-One Meetings

To enhance comms in your organization you should run 1:1 meetings regularly. During 1:1 meetings you’ll get the chance to provide training, give feedback, and solve issues. Encourage your staff to ask questions, and help them to express any career goals they have. When you work with your employees on an individual basis you can help your staff to reach their true potential. Staff turnover is costly, and so it’s in your interests to retain your talent.

Try Team-Building Activities

To improve internal comms within your company you should focus on team-building practices. There are plenty of benefits to team building practices:

  • Improving teamwork means more creativity and innovation across your projects.
  • You can improve interaction between staff members.
  • When your team works better together, performance improves on an individual basis too.
  • Team-building practices can help to remove comms barriers.

Use The Best Collaboration Software

If you’d like to improve communication within your company, try using collaboration software. There are many tools to choose from, some of the leading tools for collaboration include:

Zoho Cliq: This software tool offers many different features for team collaboration. Your teams can communicate using voice chat, video, and live0 messaging. Other features to support your comms processes include notification feeds and task bots.

Podio: The Podio tool allows you to communicate with all your teams and delegate tasks. Using Podio you can view project status, share files and get feedback. You can integrate Podio with tools like Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. With the help of these software tools, you’ll be able to implement a clear and highly effective communication system.

Office Phone System

With a high-performing office phone system, you can improve the communication for your staff, clients, and customers. VoIP phone systems are a popular option, (meaning that you make voice calls using the Internet). These systems work by transferring voice into a compressed digital signal. For companies, VoIP is reliable, high quality, and inexpensive. As communication trends change, companies need to keep up with the latest tech.

Ask Staff For Feedback

Running a business is all about working together as a team. Once you’ve got clear comms procedures in place, ask your teams for their feedback. Ask them which process areas work for them, and where they feel improvements could be made. When you utilize the feedback of your staff you’ll help your employees to feel valued and improve your company culture. Communication is such an important part of your business operations. All staff need a clear understanding of what’s expected, and how to support their peers.

With a transparent comms policy you’ll improve productivity and get the most out of your team. Excellent communication is the key to creative outcomes.

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