Improve Your Startup’s Online Presence With These Tips And Tricks

In today’s day and age, if your business does not have a healthy online presence, it’s unlikely to succeed. While you will have a lot going on in the initial stages of your startup, it can be easy to forget how important your online presence really is. It can market your business,  target new customers and open the door to new opportunities. So taking the time to develop and nurture it can give your start up multiple benefits you shouldn’t miss out on. So here are some tips and tricks you should try to start improving your online presence today.

Have A Professional Looking Website

A site that is difficult to use, looks unappealing and has little information is never going to attract custom to your start up. Your website is a reflection of your business and needs to give a memorable first impression. Look at your competitor’s websites look like and note down what works well and stands out. It could be the ease of function, how the products are displayed or the bespoke design.

Consider pay monthly web design or use a hosting site that allows you to personalize the templates. This should give you a simpler, but more effective website that shows your business in the best light possible. Also, try to make sure that your website is mobile friendly, for customers who prefer using their smartphone to shop.

Blog As Often As You Can

Blogging is a great way of giving current and potential customers some insight into what your company is all about. You can use to it give tips and advice or to show some behind the scenes photographs and videos. This will give your website up to date and regular content that shows your startup is active. While also making your business easier to find on popular search engines. But when you have a new business to run, blogging can take up your valuable time. Even if you can only blog once a week, it’s better than nothing at all. Create a list of potential blog topics you could cover and look at other blogs for inspiration.

Be Active But Relevant

Social media is a wonderful tool for small businesses to use. Keeping your social media platforms up to date with regular posts is a great first step. But also, use it to communicate with your customers and to pique their interest. Think carefully about the content of your posts and only share pictures and updates that are engaging and relevant. Otherwise, you may find that your followers decrease as a result. Create a reputation for being active on social media and encourage your customers to share pictures and communicate. Just try not to bombard them with too many posts. Two or three times a day is plenty.

No matter what kind of business you are running, improving your online presence is paramount. If your customers can’t find a Facebook page or an easy to use website, they will go elsewhere. Causing you to lose valuable custom at this crucial stage of your start up’s progression. So start implementing these techniques and watch your business flourish.

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