How To Increase Your Online Visibility With Wix SEO Wiz

increase online visibility with wix seo wiz

The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google – a famous quote of the modern day and age that epitomizes the Internet as it is today! There are millions of websites on the Internet and all of them are dying for our attention. In spite of that, whenever we type in a search query we only restrict our research to the first few results, maybe even the entire first page if we are feeling particularly adventurous!

What does this mean and why is it important to you as website creator? Well to put it simply, if you want to run a business on the Internet, be it a blog, an eCommerce site or something else, grabbing those coveted first spots on Google search results is the first stepping stone to success. After all, no matter how great the content of the website is, it doesn’t really convert into anything unless there are viewers to consume it!

So how does one go about doing that? Well to put it simply, search engines rank content by an internal metric something that is known in the technical world as a ranking algorithm and the way to create content that skews this metric in our favor is known as making SEO friendly content. SEO here stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is in essence a complex mesh of factors that ultimately decides how visible a certain website with respect to other sites in the same niche.

Now does all of this sound very technical to you? Well the honest truth is that SEO is kind of complicated and for anyone who is looking to implement the best SEO practices for the first time can be easily scared and lose track of what they set out to do initially. Then what can you do? Well Wix SEO Wiz is a one stop solution that takes care of your SEO needs without any of the pointless research and mind boggling technical terms being involved.

Before we go any further let us first see how one can access Wix SEO Wiz. For the ease of understanding of our readers we have broken the process down into several small steps. Each step also contains a real world example when applicable so that by the time one is through the entire process they can not only see the improvement in Google Rankings but can also quantify the steps that helped them achieve success!

Step 1

First we have to log into the Wix panel from where we can build a website. Then, we head on over to the dashboard section and then click on the ‘Get Found on Google’ option. This is immensely important for anyone looking to run any sort of business on Google and can even help with getting popularity and page views for personal blogs.

Step 2

Once we are inside the option we head on over to “My Apps” where we can click on Wix SEO Wiz and get started on bringing our On Page SEO back on track with content that is specifically created to rank highly on Google. Now as we have mentioned once before, SEO is a fairly complicated process so there are a fair few steps to be followed but SEO Wiz by Wix tries to make that as much fun as possible by laying out the entire plan of action as an objective based adventure of sorts.

Step 3

But before we embark on this great SEO energy and Wix SEO Wiz can set us off on our first mission we have a few questions that must be answered. The SEO Wiz uses intelligent learning techniques to glean information from a few simple queries and then it creates a SEO road -map that is entirely unique to your website and search requirements.

The more advanced users who have a better understanding of keywords, related keywords and such can also utilize the service as there are options to input keywords from 3rd party apps like SEMRush and Google Keyword Finder and then utilize them to make your content SEO friendly as well.

SEO traditionally is broken into two parts, On Page and Off Page SEO and each one of these processes come with several varied criteria. As Wix is one of the premier platforms for website development, they handle Off Page SEO for Wix developed websites with SEO Wiz as well. So from indexing your content to updating your latest sitemap via Google Webmaster, Wix SEO Wiz takes care of all these so that you can rest assured that your website gets the best chance possible to rank on one of the top spots.

SEO is an ongoing process as everyday Google tweaks their algorithms and so we can’t have a Step 4 where we say you’re done with optimizing your content. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun while you are at it and this is why SEO Wiz makes every small task into a mission and once you achieve it, you can also see how much it affected your success so that you can keep yourself motivated on your long journey to the top of the search pile.

SEO is a giant world and there are lots of jargon and advice floating around – most of which don’t even take into account the niche your website is based on and what the framework of your site is. Wix SEO Wiz changes all of that. Not only that, it makes SEO easy and approachable no matter how much or how less experience you have had in creating websites. And in the modern Internet, that is something truly rare and extraordinary!

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