Injustice Incentives

injustice incentives

There’s not a person alive who hasn’t suffered an injustice at work. We’re warned time and again of clients, and their tendency to ruin lives. But, companies often fail to tell you that the people you work with can do the most damage. We’ve all worked for a boss who prefers to dole out work than do anything. And, we’ve all had a colleague who uses our good nature to get extra time on their breaks. Workplace problems like these can be difficult to cope with. On the one hand, you want to get along with those you work with. You don’t want to be shunned as ‘the troublemaker,’ and miss out on office banter. At the same time, nobody likes to see injustice go untold. But, if you face this reality every day, what can you do about it?

In an ideal world, you could go to your boss and the problems would be sorted. But, that rarely works. Worse, the problems often start up top. Even if you take things to head office, the chances are that your complaint will get leaked to the wrong people. Then you’d have to cope with being the most hated person in your office. No one wants to be in that position. Some people decide to move jobs to solve the problem. Sometimes this option works to start with, but the privilege never lasts long. The problem is that all workplaces have the same issues once you’re past that honeymoon period. In truth, going it alone often seems like the only way to make the most of a bad situation.

Engaging your entrepreneurial side could help you be the change you want to see in the workplace. If you can’t beat them, join them and do it better, that’s what we say! Many entrepreneurs have gained incentive from injustices they’ve seen. If you’ve never considered yourself an entrepreneur before, you’ll have to take a giant leap. But, it’ll be worth it. Of course, you can’t start a business purely because you’re incensed. You also need a business idea to get going. But, in the same way they say we all have a book in us, we all have a business idea rattling around in our brains. All you need is the push to give it a go. And, what better drive than coming home angry every day?

Throughout your enterprise process, you need to remember what forced you to go it alone in the first place. Write out a list of everything you want to avoid in your business and make sure to look at it often. When you’re the one up top, it’s all too easy to slip into the bad habits of the managers who used to annoy you. This is especially important if you get to the point where you’re employing other people. Make sure you never slip into those habits. Offer your employees all the incentives you can, without going over the top. And, make sure to check in with them often. Estranged colleagues often feel like they have no one to turn to. But, you know all about that. Make sure that your business is different. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to lose colleague morale and productivity.

Of course, it’s not only bad management and bickering that can cause unhappiness in the workplace. The injustices you see vary from job to job, and some are more extreme than others. In the care industry, for example, many people leave because they hate the way clients are treated. Not to mention the ever increasing time restraints on individuals who choose this career. In many ways, the job’s becoming impossible. If something like the above is your incentive, do everything possible to stop the same happening in your enterprise.

One way to be the best you can be is to study your craft. The idea of returning to the classroom is one few of us embrace. Yet, it’s an important step to take. It’ll help you build a business you can be proud of. If you’re going down the care home route, for example, an online BA in healthcare administration could make all the difference. As you’ll be studying online, you can do this while you get started. And, what you learn will ensure you know how to run the place. This is especially important if you were low in the ranks when you left your job. Going from the bottom to the top is a lot harder than many of us expect. Different skill sets are required, and you need to ensure you have the know how to make a go of things. 

If your business is a success, you could take your qualms even further. Once you’re a respected business person, you could set about trying to change things from the inside. Many companies operate as a group. It may be that your old workplace wants to work with you. Or, you may simply come across your old boss in your new role. If this happens, you should grab the opportunity to make more of an impact. It’s important to remember that you’ll be representing your new business during any meetings. Burning bridges with contacts often turns out to be a huge mistake down the line. Keep things respectful, but attempt to raise some of your issues with the boss in question.

A business dinner is always a good setting for this kind of discussion. Keep things lighthearted. It may even be worth bringing a business deal to the table if possible. That way, you’ll soften the blow. Then, find a tactful way to mention the worries you had while you were working for that individual. Broach the subject in a casual way, then lead up to how much those issues bothered you. It’s amazing how much of a difference if can make to be on the same level as someone. Your old boss may even thank you for bringing something they weren’t aware of to their attention.

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