How The Internet Will Be Optimized

internet will be optimized

There was a time when, to access the world wide web, you would have to wait for a few minutes (enough time to make, say, a cup of coffee or tea) and listen to the dial-up connection gurgle away like radio static in its journey to make your computer connected to the world – the internet.

It’s pretty hard to fathom, if you are only used to instant connection to the internet – like broadband – that people would have to sit patiently and wait for their computer to connect to the web. Imagine that – having to wait for access to the web?! In today’s ever-evolving world of modern technology, it seems almost like an ancient practice that people weren’t connected to the web 24/7. But, in actuality, it wasn’t that long ago that dial-up connection was what everyone relied on.

With the world at our fingertips, in the form of smart phones and the like, we can access pretty much anything we want on the web at any time we choose. Businesses and freelancers rely on the internet to ensure workloads are handled and completed. People rely on the web to stay in touch with each other through messaging apps and video calls. All in all, it’s pretty safe to say that without instant access to the internet, our world would be completely different – in a good or bad way is up to you to decide.

Everyone is familiar with broadband, and knows what it is. But, not everyone is familiar with fiber optic internet access. You may have heard of it, and have a sense of what it is, but a lot of people aren’t as savvy about it like they are with broadband. And this may be because fiber has limited availability right now and isn’t available in all jurisdictions. Lots of major cities are benefiting from fiber optic, simply because of how much faster it allows the business and financial aspect of a city to run. However, it isn’t readily available to smaller cities and outlying districts yet, as such. In some suburbs it is available already, but for the majority it isn’t something which can be accessed, and used, just yet.

Significant providers of fiber optic are currently in the process of expanding and testing different ways of how to bring out fiber optic internet access, so that it can be ready for all of us in the near future. This means that, soon, a lot of us will have access to a better, faster and even more modern way of connecting to the internet (people who live in rural areas, like in the countryside or hard to reach places will possibly have to wait a bit longer).

As more and more of us are using the internet to navigate our way through life, in nearly all matters, fiber optic can provide us with an even simpler and faster way to connect to the web. It’s only a matter of time before fiber optic becomes a household word, like broadband, but for some of us we are just going to have to wait until we can use it.

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