Jobs All New Entrepreneurs Should Outsource During Year One

If you’re planning to launch a new venture this year, it’s vital you don’t spread yourself too thin. While you can’t afford to employ lots of people during the early stages, you can’t handle everything yourself either. There is only so much work a single individual can process without reducing the quality of their results. With that in mind, we’re going to focus on outsourcing today, and the benefits it could bring to your operation. Just as there are certain tasks you must perform alone; there are plenty of others you should leave for other people. Read this post and make sure you understand the jobs you need to outsource this spring. Ignore this advice, and we guarantee your life will become much harder.

Web Design & IT Management

Unless you have a background in web design, it’s sensible to find a specialist with a good track record. You need a web design firm that has some excellent testimonials from previous clients. Always look for reviews, and ask to see portfolios before signing on the dotted line. Also, make sure you select a company that also handles basic online marketing. Having the best website in the world is fantastic, but you’ll never make a profit if people don’t know it exists. Ideally, you want a deal that includes design, maintenance, and SEO at the very least. That should help to ensure you attract the right people and appear on the most relevant search listings.

Customer Service

You can’t afford to spend all day answering phone calls. Also, your secretary is probably busy with more important matters. So, outsourcing customer service is a fantastic idea for all new entrepreneurs. It should help you to build and maintain better relations with your clients. Plenty of specialists abroad would handle the process without breaking the bank. However, some company owners choose to find a professional firm working in their home country. In truth, having a foreign accent doesn’t matter too much so long as the people have a good command of English. So, it’s wise to go with the cheapest solution you find that will offer your customers a reasonable service.


You’ll need to keep accurate accounts to ensure you don’t get into trouble. However, there are lots of software packages you can use these days. Most of them will make your life easier because you just have to enter the income and outgoings. That said, you’ll still require a professional accountant when it comes to submitting your return. Considering that, you should look for a local firm that can handle the job. Employing an accountant in-house will cost a lot of money, and you can’t afford to do that right now. For the first year, you should use a reputable firm that also help many other local business owners.

If you manage to outsource the tasks listed on this page, you should have more time to work on the growth of your operation. All company bosses must learn when to let go and pass certain processes to other people. That’s sometimes difficult if you have become a control freak. However, you still get the final say on any actions that could affect your business. So, you just need to relax and perform some extra research.

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