Keep Your Phone Secured With Phone Security From MobiDev Studio

phone security app review

The adoption rate of mobile devices continues to soar, with Android leading the way. The open-source operating system that is led by Google is now found on more than half of all smartphones.

This massive user base has caught the attention of cybercriminals, who have begun to double down on their efforts to illegally obtain personal information from Android owners. While most mobile malware is found in countries like Russia and China, users from Europe and the United States aren’t completely immune.

I recently stumbled upon Phone Security, a fast and professional antivirus and security app for Android that prevents pop-up windows and spam ads which are a common entry point for viruses and malware.

What Features Are Included

The Phone Security android application by MobiDev Studio gives you:

  • Virus Protection: A key scan virus, test mobile phone status, gives you the most intimate sense of security
  • Memory Clean: Clear the useless background applications, so your phone smoother.
  • AppLock: Lock you do not want to be seen by others applications, complete protection of your privacy, not afraid to see from the family colleagues.
  • PhotoVault: Put your private photos in the picture safe, no longer worry about personal privacy.
  • Stealth Browsing Mode: Providing a more secure, more reliable surfing experience, allowing you to enjoy the fun of browsing pictures.
  • Battery Management: Monitor the status of your phone battery, low battery reminder, only the power saving mode to help you keep the battery you need to use the time.
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