Killer Hacks To Drive Productivity Improvements In Your Business

There isn’t a single industry on Earth that is not subject to rapid changes in technology. Now, sixteen years into the twenty-first century, businesses must be more adaptable and dynamic.

Of course, these are just buzzwords. What do things like adaptable and dynamic actually mean? Well, they could refer to the type of product you offer, but more often than not, they’re a reference to worker productivity. So what can you do to make your labor force more productive?

Set Clear Goals

I know that goal-setting has been a part of the business world for generations, so that is nothing new. But old-fashioned goal setting seemed to me to detract from the human element. Workers were seen as automatons that carry out functions.

But in reality, that isn’t true, and attitudes like that actually hold companies back. What workers need on top of goals is a reason why they have to achieve those goals. If workers can understand and internalise the reasons for having goals, then they’re far more likely to attain them.

Upgrade Your IT

IT solutions have moved forward enormously in the last few years. Companies are streamlining their operations by moving to cloud platforms and outsourcing their IT.

Some firms are taking streamlining of IT to the next level. Now there are software solutions out there that integrate all of the most common business functions into a single package. If you browse you’ll find services that integrate practically everything. From your CRM software to invoices, it’s all covered.

Also, many platforms allow for mobile computing, meaning that all of your employees can have access to all your systems on the go.

Retain Your Staff

If your business is turning over half its employees every six months or so, it might be worth thinking about why. Are the conditions poor? Is there a bad culture? Is the work boring and unvaried? Is there bullying?

These are all major problems in themselves, but they are also a major impediment to improving productivity. When good staff leave, you lose all of that experience and training.

Often staff want to leave because of the actions of one or two other people. In fact, a whole team can be dragged down if one person is dragging their feet or they’re a bully. If you suspect that one of your employees is letting down the whole team, it is probably time to let them go. They clearly do not fit in with your company culture. You can find more tips on retaining colleagues at

Provide Ongoing Training

Training can be a big burden for some firms, especially those that do not expect to retain employees. But for firms that have a good track record, training can provide a productivity boost.

Training employees make clear the standards that the company expects. And it’s an opportunity to instill these standards within colleagues. A good training exercise is one in which new procedures are learnt, but also new attitudes trained. This can be met with some resistance, but if you have the right people working for you, they’ll understand why attitude is  important.

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