Making Your Site Both Friendlier And More Tempting To Customers

A tremendous amount of business is done online these days. Whether it’s by PC, Mac or mobile devices. In fact, there are even more people going online as time goes on and more ways of doing it. That means that your website is going to be accessible to more and more people.  Are you sure that it’s in the right state to be seen by them? Can you make sure it’s both attractive and friendly?

Keeping It Simple

The first, second and third rule of website design. Keep it simple, stupid! Almost every customer’s experience with your site begins on the front page. This is where you need to make the best impact. Most website design tips will tell you that the worst way to do this is by making that page cluttered and full of information the customer doesn’t need. They only need the most basic of messages. The exact things they need to hear from your services. The navigation between pages needs to be clear and accessible, too. Not only does having poor site design make it difficult for customers. It also reflects badly on your business’s ability to create a professional site.

Customer Service

A lot of customers will be visiting your site to check out your business or a certain product. Many others will be familiar with those, but have other questions for you. Whichever you’re dealing with, you need to have the capacity to help them. The more effort you put into offering timely, relevant customer service, the better. For example, you need to make sure your contact details are easily accessed by a clear, defined ‘Contact Us’ link on the front page. Then you can go deeper and provide an FAQ that customers can browse. A way that saves even more time for them, and makes their experience with your business one that’s more helpful, is live chat on the site. This way you can start helping them live whenever they need you.

Using Your Data

There are a lot of individual tips on how to make an attractive site or create the best calls to action. The truth is that there are applicable situations for just about every kind of design trick you will hear. It’s all about the context and choosing the right place to use them. How you do that is by using your data. Conversion rate optimization is about using the best parts of your site to convert more visitors to customers. You do this by finding which parts get the most hits and by using the techniques such as calls to action in a redesign of that page. Adapt your site to the data you learn from it.

A business website needs to be both accessible and tempting to customers. It needs to provide them with the idea that they’re in a safe, caring pair of hands. It also needs to entice them to spend that hard earned money of theirs. Hopefully, the three keys above should help you make that a reality.

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