Masspoint Provides You With Complete Overview & Full Control Of Your Online Data

As a user of the internet today, it’s hard to gain an overview of who has access to our personal data. Online services usually provide us with minimal information on how our data is being stored, used and distributed across the internet. With all of these new and great services launching everyday, it will only be more difficult to remain in control. Masspoint thinks this is a big problem which is why they created a system that provides guidelines for relations between users and services giving the users overview and control. The following video explains exactly how this all works:

Masspoint can be thought of as a personal data-bank for storing your information, and like any bank, your values are stored and handled securely and responsibly.

When you signup with a new service, you’re often required to provide information like email, usernames and passwords. Using the Masspoint system, a service will connect to your data-bank during the signup process and request access to the required data. Security, reliability and transparency is provided by the system giving your full overview and control of what data is being accessed, and by which service.

Since you’re only required to maintain your data in one place, Masspoint is the ultimate management tool for keeping your information synchronized. If you decide to disconnect a service from the system, the service will no longer has access to your data.

Masspoint currently have a mobile app consisting of two main views, the profile and services overview.

Masspoint is more than just a product, it’s an idea redefining the way that we handle our data online giving you full ownership of your data, streamlining secure data handling and providing you with complete transparency. It’s an outstanding project, and Masspoint needs your help.

Masspoint has setup a Kickstarter campaign and are looking to raise roughly $160,000. Some of the campaign information can be seen below:




Watch the demo video of the prototype below:

The API:

The success of Masspoint in part relies on Services willingness to integrate with the system. After all the system is worth nothing if our users cannot connect with any Services.

It is our responsibility to make the process of integrating with the Masspoint system as easy, effective and effortless as possible for any Service.

This is achieved by providing Services with a beautifully designed Application Programming Interface (API).

The Masspoint API controls interfacing between a Service and the Masspoint system – data access, security and reliability is provided by the API. The underlying complexity of the Masspoint system is abstracted, giving Service developers swift and cost effective implementation.

The main challenge of the API implementation is the conversion of a Service’ existing users to the Masspoint system.
Before integrating with the Masspoint system, a Service stores your data in a local database owned by the Service. Using the Masspoint API the Service database is mapped to a local encrypted Masspoint database owned by the API. Every piece of data is encrypted and accessible by the Service only through the Masspoint API.

The synchronization between the Masspoint system and the local masspoint database of a Service is automatically handled by the API, keeping your information up-to-date for all connected Services*.

The API also provides developers with unique possibilities for creating useful new products. Just think about it – all Masspoint users’ data are guaranteed up-to-date! How about making a mobile app for keeping phone numbers and addresses of contacts up-to-date?
The possibilities are many – it is up to developers to make use of the Masspoint API.

* Synchronization occurs within 24 hours

Availability & Pricing:

The Masspoint system will be available for multiple platforms:

  • iOS (mobile and tablet devices)
  • Android (mobile and tablet devices)
  • Web (Optimized for Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer)


The system will be available in two versions – A Basic and a Premium version.

We want the system to be available for all users of the internet, which is why the Basic version will offer most of the features for free. However some unique features will be restricted to the Premium version.


We think that this project is definaely one worth backing! If you like what you see and  would like to help Masspoint succeed then rush to their Kickstarter page and back them up now.

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