Easily Transfer Data Across Any Of Your Apple Devices With AnyTrans

easily transfer data across any of your apple devices with anytrans iphone manager

While owning a variety of devices can make life easier at times, if you have the need to utilize the data and applications on one device that are actually stored on another, things can become a little tricky. You may use your iPhone for some purposes, your iPad for another, and again maybe your Mac or other device for still other purposes. In addition, when it’s time to upgrade your phone, you must deal with syncing all your existing date onto the new one.

No matter what your needs are for transferring data, the AnyTrans application makes transferring data from any device to another as simple as possible. If you are not familiar with this incredibly useful tool, AnyTrans is an iPhone manager that helps users transfer, manage, and back up their iPhone content from one place. And with the new AnyTrans version 8 update, the benefits have gotten even better.

First of all, the new version comes with a proprietary feature called phone switcher, and with the newly released version of iPhone 11, the timing couldn’t better. Now, with the flip of a switch, you can transfer all the data on your existing phone to your new iPhone 11 with ease and without losing any data. If you ordered the new version 11, then AnyTrans is simply a must to transfer your data.

In addition to the Phone Switcher feature, AnyTrans version 8 includes several upgrades from the previous version including:

  • A newly designed User Interface (UI) to make the application for user friendly and organized, especially for first time users.
  • The addition of a screen mirroring function that will allow you to mirror whatever is on your iPhone onto your personal computer (this is an excellent upgrade for those who use their Apple products for business).
  • Finally, improvements have been made with the application so that the loading and transferring time is even faster.

While all of the above make AnyTrans a perfect solution for transferring data from any of your devices to another (especially if you are upgrading to the new iPhone 11), AnyTrans also offers popular features like “Device Manager” for transferring data between computer and iPhone, “Ringtone Maker” for customizing iPhone ringtone, iTunes music transfer that allows you to send any of your iTunes selections to other devices, and “Backup Manager” for backing up and managing all local backups.

Once you try the application just once you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Now you’ll never have to worry about the stress of transferring your date between Apple devices again. Just download AnyTrans and within just a few clicks, your data can be sent seamlessly to any device you chose.

If you happen to be an Android user, check out our AnyTrans review for Android.

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