How To Choose The Perfect Remote Desktop Software

how to choose the perfect remote desktop software

A remote desktop software, also known as a remote access software, is a tool that enables one to access, monitor, or control a computer from another computer over a network connection. These tools have become popular in businesses of all sizes. They are used to accomplish different purposes, such as remote file and application access, work management, and troubleshooting. 

Tech support teams utilize the tool to diagnose a company’s computers remotely without causing interruptions. This helps to protect your business from downtime. Keep in mind that downtime costs companies thousands of dollars per minute, according to Forbes. The latest desktop sharing tools have many features that can immensely benefit your business. Here’s what to consider when looking for a remote access software.

Consider Your Needs

Desktop sharing tools have been around for many years, and applications of different capabilities are being released continuously. Before commencing on your search for a remote access software, first, determine what your needs are. The requirements of employees who want to access their office PCs from home are different from administrators who want to access servers.

Ensure you pick a tool that suits your employees, business processes, budget, and goals. To fulfill your requirements, the software has to be user-friendly. Its features should be not only advanced but also easy to use and implement. The tool should be simple to learn, easy to connect with just a few clicks and offer fast transfer speed. Such software will complement your needs.

Remote Access Features

Apart from providing access to files and applications lying in a remote computer, the software should also include features that enable smooth access in different environments. The ideal tool should be compatible with different operating systems. A cross-operating system tool allows you to access a Windows PC from a Linux or macOS machine and vice versa.

The tool should have multi-monitor capabilities. In case the remote computer is connected to different screens, you will be able to navigate through each monitor. Other important features include remote file management including editing, transfer and deleting, session usage reporting, remote screen scaling, and ability to access multiple PCs in a single session.


Security should be one of your top priorities when it comes to selecting a remote desktop software. You don’t want your data accessed by an unauthorized user. Therefore, you need to look for an application that has strong security measures and a proven track record. The ideal software should protect your data, information, and work resources.

Start by looking for a tool that has advanced encryption features to protect your data when it is being transmitted. Check whether the software has features that allow you to set and change access usernames and passwords. Other features you should seek out for include IP filtering, automatic time-out, and one-time password. The software provider should also be compliant with the latest security standards, and regularly provide updates and security patches.

Customer Support

After acquiring new software, there is always a learning curve. Usually, all software vendors provide some level of technical help. For the best support, look for a provider that offers complete assistance beyond the regular business hours. Choose a company that accessible round the clock, and provides support via different channels such as email, built-in live chat, and phone.

Besides that, having access to the software’s user manuals or other documentation is beneficial. It will help you to address issues that occur when support is not immediately available, help you solve small problems, and increase your knowledge of the tool. Also, check around and learn the response time of the provider you want to pick.

The Credibility Of Your Tool Provider

Although a software provider may look perfect on the outside, their background story may not be so perfect. To be sure of the company you want to work with, do some digging. Check whether their software has ever been compromised and if current and past customers are satisfied with the software.

Research online and look for reviews, go through industry-specific forums, and ask industry experts. You can also contact a knowledgeable professional who operates within your industry. Such an expert may give you invaluable insights and guide you through the selection process


A remote desktop software is an essential tool in any business environment. To acquire the right tool, many factors need to be taken into account. First, write down your needs, and then start looking for software which has features that can help you fulfill your business ambitions. Make sure the provider has an excellent track record in security and customer support.

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