iOS 13 Update Issues? Maybe You Need A PhoneRescue

having ios 13 update issues maybe you need a phonerescue

So, there you are, with your iPhone. Everything is set exactly how you like it, and everything works perfectly when, suddenly, with no warning, you get a notification about a new iOS update. This is always a scary situation as you know from past scenarios that once the update is completed, something will be different. Nothing could be truer than with the recent iOS 13 update.

The recent iOS 13 update has been the subject of numerous online complaints as many iPhone users have experienced a plethora of issues including missing videos, pictures, contact information and more. For those of us that use our phones as our lifeline to our personal and business life, loss of such data can be devastating. But, before you go into a panic and launch your phone through the nearest window, there may just be a solution to help solve all your problems.


PhoneRescue is a downloadable iOS data recovery tool, which is available for the newest iPhone 11, will help you recover all your data lost to the most recent iOS 13 update.

There are several ways this innovative app can help you get back your precious data. If you have backed up the iOS devices before, choosing “Recover from iCloud” mode or “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode can help you find back files with the highest rate. If not, “Recover from iOS Device” can also help you out of data loss problem. You can recover deleted iPhone photos and much more.

As it turns out, even if you can’t see the missing data on your phone, chances are it is still there, just hidden somewhere else – moved around if you will. PhoneRescue has just one primary purpose – to find your missing data and restore all of it. It doesn’t matter if technical expertise is not your forte as once you download the app, it only asks you a few simple questions and then gets to work.

PhoneRescue is unique in that it is the only data rescue application that can help recover up to 31 different kinds of data. This can include photos, text messages, videos, contact information and other applications that have become hidden as well. In addition to restoring data, PhoneRescue will allow you to sift through recovered files and allow you to keep or delete unwanted ones thereby maximizing existing space on your phone.

This application comes with a completely user-friendly interface and will allow you to begin recovering your iOS data after answering just a few simple questions. This makes recovering sensitive complicated data as simple as just clicking a few buttons and your data is on its way to being restored. Considering that PhoneRescue has helped recover data for more than 5 million iPhone and android users, you can rest assured that you are in good company.

So, if the latest iOS update has caused you stress and frustration, breathe easy. Your solution may be just a click or two away. Let PhoneRescue rescue your phone!

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