Messaging Tools To Help You Stay Connected To Your Customers

messaging tools to help you stay connected to your customers

Attracting customers to your business can be a challenge, but retaining them is the cornerstone that can determine the success or failure of your entity. However, the good news is that with constant development in communication technology, it is possible to stay connected with your customers so that they can develop a sense of belonging to your company. One good option is to consider different messaging tools that are instantaneous and easy to use. They are also popular among people belonging to different age groups. Check out the following tools that can help you stay connected to your customers.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is probably still the most popular messaging tool in comparison to other platforms that offer the same services. Facebook Messenger is a great tool that can help people communicate in real-time and it can make a huge difference in your business. Most businesses are struggling to keep in touch with their customers and Facebook can help you stay connected through messaging, posting, and going live. With Facebook Messenger, customers can easily reach out and get more details about the products and services that you offer before they decide to buy. You can also reply instantly via the same platform that is accessible from mobile phones, tablets, as well as computers.


While customers can go through your company website, they can also turn to Twitter when they want instant replies. This is a fast communication tool that can help generate trust among your customers since you can promptly reply to their concerns. Additionally, Twitter messaging is free and all you need is an internet connection, and of course, the right device where you can access the app. You can also post files and images that can help customers make informed decisions before they buy certain products or services.

Mobile Text Messages

SMS is another effective tool that can help you stay connected with your customers. With this method, you can directly text the person you want to communicate with. Experts say that SMS comes with features such as providing notifications to customers as well as confirmations to successful transactions. This tool can also provide authentication services to prevent hackers from stealing customer data and confidential information. More importantly, this vehicle can promote the growth of your business.


WhatsApp is another smart messaging tool that can promote customer engagement that is vital to the success of your business. The main advantage of using WhatsApp in your business is that you can communicate directly with your customers. The other handsome feature about this platform is that you can communicate as a group with different stakeholders. This kind of group communication helps all members to share ideas that can help you as a business owner to understand their needs.

In turn, this will help you to develop your product or service to suit the needs of all members. You can also use your profile to update your status so that the customers are aware of the forthcoming events. In other words, you can use WhatsApp as a free marketing tool that can improve the performance of your business since you can advertise your products and services via the same channel.

Telegram & WeChat

These are also effective messaging tools that can help you stay connected to your customers. They function more or less like WhatsApp but their advantage is that they can accommodate large numbers of participants. These tools are user-friendly and they can be accessed from mobile devices as well as computers. You just choose the method that is convenient for you.

Marketing On Instagram

Instagram is another messaging tool that can help you stay connected to your customers. You need to set a budget for this and make sure that your account is up to date. This tool heavily relies on the use of images and messages that help the customers to stay abreast of your marketing offerings. Essentially, many people want to see the product first before they try it so this tool can help you achieve that goal. You can also exchange messages with your customers via this two-way communication channel.

As you are now aware, customer engagement is key in promoting performance and the growth of your business. Different platforms are designed to facilitate quicker and easier communication between the business owners and their clients. The main advantage of harnessing different messaging tools is that they promote free communication among customers. Some people may not have time to visit the shop or they may be apprehensive to ask what they want directly. Therefore, you should offer a timely response to your customers so that you can retain them. More importantly, you need to constantly update the messaging platform that you choose to connect with different stakeholders.

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