New BlackBerry KEY2 Teaser Video Showcases Dual Camera Design & Mysterious New Keyboard Button [VIDEO]

The BlackBerry KEY2 just took another step forward to getting really REAL. After months of speculation, leaks and even an event RSVP for the date and time of its unveil, yesterday BlackBerry Mobile posted an official teaser video of the successor to the KEYone. Be sure to hit play on the video above and see the KEY2 in all its partial glory.

Though we’re only getting a taste of the KEY2 here, in just 15 seconds the video does a solid job of showcasing many of the enhancements the KEY2 has over the KEYone, including a dual camera design, the repositioning of the power button from the left side of the phone to the right side, and keyboard buttons that appear to be more matte, better sculpted and dare I say appear a tad larger than the KEYone’s small-ish, glossy buttons.

Expect an even better typing experience on KEY2.

The teaser ends off highlighting a feature we’ve never seen on a BlackBerry before, a mysterious new button on the bottom far right side of the keyboard to the right of the spacebar and symbol key. I’m not sure on the name or exact functionality of this button just yet, but if I had to take a guess I’d say it has to be related to the keyboard somehow – likely shortcut/multitasking related. Whatever it is, I’m digging it.

With that, I think it’s safe to say the stage is now firmly set for the BlackBerry KEY2 unveil in New York City on June 7th. Let the KEY2 fun begin!

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