New Service Rates & Labels Terms Of Service So You Safely Can Ignore Them

Obviously, you don’t read the Terms of Service whenever they pop up on any fresh software install or client update. Sometimes the software doesn’t allow you to continue until you at least scroll to the very bottom of the giant wall of text, but more often than not, you can simply click “I agree” without actually reading anything and knowing what you just agreed to. There is even a South Park episode about it; Kyle got turned into Apple’s version of a human centipede, since, technically, he agreed to those terms when signing up for iTunes. A new service — Terms of Service; Didn’t Read — aims to rate and label those long walls of text to help prevent your mouth from being surgically connected to another person’s anus, just like Kyle.

Looking through various companies’ ratings, you’ll find popular services on the web, from Google and YouTube, to Wikipedia, SoundCloud, and GitHub. Each service has a general rating from Class A to Class E, with A being the best and E the worst. If you’d like more specifics, each service has a small bulleted list that summarizes the main takeaways from its Terms of Service.

Right now, most of the services don’t have an official ToS;DR rating, but they still have the bulleted list with the important takeaways.

The big problem with the service is that you probably don’t care enough about what Terms of Service agreements say to begin with — that’s why you just click through without paying attention, and likely won’t be bothered to look up the terms on ToS;DR’s website. However, ToS;DR knows your modus operandi, and has made a browser add-on available so you don’t have to go very far to look up what various companies are making you agree to. Thanks to this add-on, you practically have no excuse if your face ends up stitched to someone else’s butt because Apple is looking to innovate.

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