PeopleSec – Strengthening The Human Element Of Cybersecurity

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Cyber security is one of the most important considerations when it comes to running healthy systems. Incidentally, cyber crime has been growing whether we want to admit it or not and our data is becoming more and more valuable for companies that are willing to pay for it.

Believe it or not, in the fast and ever growing tech industry the human workforce is still as important as ever, which is why there is still so much room for human error to happen. The workforce is a valuable asset and as the industry grows and new threats arise, the team has to adapt and learn new skills to be able to take the necessary precautions.

PeopleSec – a cybersecurity company that aims to train employees to be better at detecting and preventing threats, believes that the reason why such breaches are occurring is because of the people rather than the technology being deployed. PeopleSec is formed by Hackers, Cyber Defenders, and Problem Solvers who feel like enterprises have wasted enough money on technology instead of getting more out of their People. The company concentrates on the human element of cybersecurity by improving your workforce as a whole, your InfoSec teams, your IT personnel, and your software application developers.

The company offers a range of people centric services that include web assessments, network analysis, penetration testing, and compliance audits. Most importantly however, they offer employee security awareness training. With fast results and comprehensive tactics, PeopleSec training targets individual needs to quickly raise awareness about real security and methods to affect behavior change.

Not just that, you get all these guaranteed results through hands on training. They are incredibly efficient and cost effective due to the use of Artificial Intelligence to identify and focus on employees that need it most. Which means that they free up your budget and resources so you can focus on your strategic initiatives.

If you’re thinking of ways to improve your cyber security game, PeopleSec is definitely a step in the right direction.

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