Removing Malware From Your PC

removing malware from your pc

I think most of us will agree that removing a malware infection from a laptop or computer system can be very difficult, if not impossible on most occasions. The complexity of malware threats is such that often users will require the use of specialized malware removal programs to completely remove them from a system. Why is this so? Most malware removal programs have built-in definition database files which are updated on a regular basis. This definition database allows the malware protection program to detect different types of malware on a computer and remove it. It is possible for a user to manually remove an infectious file or program but it can be extremely tricky most of the time.

Let’s take a look at 2 ways in which a user can remove malware infections from their system along with their pro’s and con’s.

Manual Removal – Manual removal of malware on any given system would require the user to know exactly which file or piece of software is causing the infection. The user would then need to uninstall or delete this software along with all traces of it on their system. While this method does not involve any cost, it is very risky because firstly, knowing which file is the problem can be almost impossible to know and manually deleting or uninstalling a file or program can negatively affect an operating system in such a way that it could crash. So, although this method is cost free, it’s not safe, can be highly frustrating and users will more often than not do more harm to the health of their laptop or PC. If this option is used, users should only follow expert guides on highly reputable technology websites.

Anti Malware Software – The second method simply involves installing and running anti malware software on your system. This is by far the easier and safest option and on most occasions will only take a fraction of the time compared to manual removal. Sure, it may cost money to buy a license for these types of programs but they will avoid headaches and hassles that are often associated with manual removal. It should be pointed out that it won’t be sufficient to use just any old internet security suite. Users must make sure they use malware removal software that comes from a reputable company and has important features such as live protection and the ability to receive regular updates. These 2 features in particular make a massive difference in terms of the software’s ability to defend your system against the newest and harshest of threats. Do your research and read reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Once such program that remains highly recommended to those looking for malware protection software is Malwarebytes anti malware. Equipped with a quick and strong scanning engine, deep scans and real-time protection, this remains at the top of our list for recommended software.

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