How And Why You Should Perform Research About Your Customers

you should do research about your customers

When it comes to reaching out to customers, the public can often be seen as fishes in a great big ocean. The waves can be choppy, unpredictable, even rogue waves can come at you out of nowhere; That’s what the market to consumer relationship is life. Public relations can either be tool that can bridge the gap between a corporate machine-like image and human beings willing to invest in products and shares, or it can your worst enemy. Building the foundations for a strong connection with your consumer-base takes years and years of hard work, research, campaigns, advertisements, etc. However, it’s all worth it because you as a business need a steady cash flow, and the only way that can succeed is to have a constant communication with your customers. Relationships in business are the lifeblood of continuous harmony between development and sales. And when it comes to public relations, they expect the brand’s ambassador to abide by certain rules and ethical practices.

The Irreplaceable Importance Of Research

Researching every aspect possible of your clientele, should be treated as your battle plan before you go out into the world of competition and seek out your consistent buyers. Before you start trying to reach out to many different types of people, you need to focus on what an individual needs and wants from a product or service in your chosen expertise or industry. Don’t rely on your assumptions, assumptions are not facts and before you commit your resources on a targeted marketing campaign, you need to gather the vital evidence. That’s why researching and surveying are important parts of this process

  • Set out goals that you wish to achieve with your product or business, regardless of what’s trending right now; i.e. have in place a clear set of company beliefs.
  • Always have the questions of ‘Why?’ on the tip of your tongue. Why is this particular group uninterested or interest in your business? Why is this group informed or uninformed about your ethos and service?
  • Good old fashioned footwork is never ever going to be replaced, no matter how advanced machines get. Human contact and verbal communication is personal, familiar and if done properly, friendly. So, send out your best people around the city with questionnaires and gather any additional information.

Selling The Difference

Before you can sell the difference, you’ve got to make it. Think carefully about what makes your company’s product or service unique. If you have too many similarities with the competition, you’re going to become generic and locked in a pricing battle with the others. You need to purposefully create a product, or ad campaign that shows the different functions you can provide and fulfill an immediate need for your customers. Invent something new, or branch out into a creative sphere to build new features that will most certainly become the focal point of your sales team.

The Almighty Testimonial

The best PR device for any company is to use word-of-mouth marketing. Though social media is a intricate tool that has graphs, charts and figures at your disposal, it’s geared more toward an online market. PR companies help organizations to reach a live market which is excluded online. If you need a specialist team that will focus their energy purely on outreaching get a quote for corporate pr. Testimonials are a superb tactical resource in which to tap into his market. Reach out to a satisfied customer or audience and politely request if they’d be willing to review the business of product in the form of a written letter of video testimonial. You may go so far as to ask them if they’d be willing to be featured in a live demonstration of your product at a local venue, infomercial and or at an industry expo.  

Positioning In A Positive Light

Though it may be difficult to conceive, but most people want to find out how your business can help them personally. Even if they’re not actively seeking you specifically, they want a product or business that they can use practically to help make their lives run a little smoother. You can pique their interest if your business represents positive change in the world. Your product should be the solution to their troubles and bring convenience into their lives in ways they haven’t experienced before.

  • Always put your best foot forward in any online ad campaign. Keep the sentences short, point out your best features, display your logo and company motto clearly and your website or other contact details
  • Always keep your designs up-to-date as all your marketing efforts will be for nothing if you promise one thing but deliver another.
  • Use language that is confident, inclusive, and trustworthy. Belay any cocky or dismissive words.
  • It may have been done in the past, but consumers nowadays don’t want  a tit for tat spat between competitors. Avoid any negative messaging that will put down and smear your competition and directly opposing product.
  • Providing a solution to their problem doesn’t mean you should behave as their hero as this is patronizing; rather you should behave like the helpful technician. Give them information and facts, the more informed they are as to why you’re better the more likely they’re going to be willing to listen and understand.

Show Credibility That Forms Trust

In addition to your testimonials, utilize the positive reviews you have on other rating sites such as distribution websites. There are many ways to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness.

  • Industry awards and certificates that you’ve been given should be displayed on your website, your social media and on the product itself if possible.
  • Highlight how green your business is and the determination you have to make sure your business isn’t highly polluting the environment all for the chase of the profits.
  • Put your money where your mouth is, and take on-board the act of commissioning case studies that will involve a genuine customer living with your product or using your service throughout their daily lives for a set period of time. Showcase the end results and publish them on your company website in the blog section.
  • Support a local charity, and promote the disease or cause you wish to combat. If you can, donate some money to show this isn’t for face value media exposure.
With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.