Putting Your Tech Team Together: Recruitment Dos And Don’ts

recruitment tips for your tech startup

If you’re hiring, and you’re looking for the best candidates for your tech startup, there are certain methods you may find more effective than others. As the boss, it’s natural to want the best. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you navigate the recruitment process smoothly and ensure you attract the cream of the crop.


Spread The Word

You could be offering the best jobs in the world, but if you don’t spread the word, nobody is going to know that you’re hiring. If you have vacancies, make sure you advertise them. Use magazines and websites that are used by your target audience, and look into working with recruitment agencies. If you have roles that require certain skills and training, using agencies that deal with specific industries is a good idea.

Cast Your Net Wide

If you’re eager to hire the best of the best, you may need to cast your net wide. You may be looking at other states or even different countries. The finest tech brains in the world may not necessarily be on your doorstep, so don’t be afraid to advertise roles in different regions or countries. If you are thinking about employing people from overseas, you may need to put an employment package together, which could help them relocate and get settled. It’s wise to look at options like English courses from AJ Hoge if English isn’t your new employee’s first language. Providing access to classes and programs could help them integrate faster and improve their performance at work.


Make Snap Decisions

If you see an application that blows your mind, it may be tempting to call that individual and offer them the job immediately. However, a candidate on paper is very different to one in real life, so take your time to get to know people. Use the interview process to gain a deeper insight into what makes that person tick and how they could benefit your company. Use your intuition. You may find that you warm to people who didn’t have as strong an application as others.

Underestimate The Competition

If you run a business, you want to hire the best people. But so does every other firm. Don’t underestimate your rivals when it comes to the recruitment process. Make sure that you come out on top if there is a candidate that has the choice of working for you or other businesses. Don’t be complacent and ensure that you can compete not just when it comes to a salary, but also with employee benefits and opportunities. You don’t want to find somebody that is a perfect fit to lose them to a competitor.

Are you putting a tech team together? If you’re eager to find shining stars and add them to your payroll, consider these dos and don’ts carefully. Advertise your roles in the right place and don’t restrict yourself geographically. Take time to make decisions, and ensure that you have a competitive package ready to offer the right person.

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