Responsible For A Tech Budget? Top Notch Ways To Spend Your Money

Businesses are always looking for ways to make themselves leaner and meaner. And the best way to do this is to invest more in technology. Tech is what has allowed starting a business to go from expensive to cheap. And we’re not stopped yet. This technology train we’re on continues to plough onwards, yielding enormous benefits to all those aboard.

The question, therefore, is what to spend your tech budget on to make your business even better. Here are some ideas.


Most business-people have their own private smartphone. And that’s great when they want to make calls to friends and family. But few see their smartphone as their primary business tool. It should be. Smartphones are not such a rich platform that business would be foolish not to use them. They’re essentially mobile computers with much of the functionality of their desktop brethren. True, Android and iOS don’t quite have the customisability of Windows. But that doesn’t mean that they are totally without merit. For instance, you can still share documents, do video calls and communicate through cloud services.

Management Apps

Businesses are flooded with information. And that means that it can be hard to manage all your personnel and mission critical data. Fortunately, technology provides an answer. It’s now possible to have a lean methodology in management using simple apps. App-based management systems present you with all the information you need in a single dashboard. And this allows you to make quick, informed decisions about your business processes. It’s an ideal way to track performance and make your business more profitable. These apps don’t require you to spend hours collating data yourself: it’s all presented on screen.

Business Intelligence Software

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about big data. Big data is a difficult concept to define. But it’s essentially any data generated on a massive scale by some process. Companies need to be interested in big data if they want to get ahead. Big data tells them in-depth information about their customers and their own processes. And it offers significant opportunities for improvement and better profitability.

AI and big data go hand-in-hand. You need artificial intelligence to process and understand big data. And AI itself requires big data if it is going to be useful. You can make your business a lot more intelligent by leveraging big data to your advantage.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Getting the lowdown on your social media marketing efforts has been difficult since it was invented. Collating statistics on your social media efforts and determining an ROI was impossible. But now, thanks to technology, you can start to get a feel for whether you’re successful. Social media marketing tools now allow you to track the performance of your company in many different ways. And this is convincing many small businesses to give it a go.

Social media marketing used to be seen as a gimmick and a drain on business time. But now that there are ways to measure its impact, more business leaders are inclined to give it a shot.

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