Safeguard Your House With The 90K Smart Lock – It’s Stylish, Simple & Reliable

90k smart lock review

Ever since smart phones came to life, the trend of ‘Smart’ products keeps thriving. They’ve surely made our life easier along the way, but many failed to stay practical.

Meet The 90K Smart Lock

90K Lock is a truly revolutionary and reliable smart lock that fulfills its purpose as a security device.

Unlike other smart locks, 90K Lock detects finger prints instead of phone fobs, uses tough mortise lock core instead of fragile parts. 90K is also the first smart lock with integrated Lithium Battery instead of AAAs, first to send live video to your phone when your guests press the bell, and first to help you unlock the door anywhere, anytime with only one click.


A nice house needs to be guarded by the best lock. 90K not only provides convenience, but also the excitement brought to our lives by modern technology.

90K Lock enters this market believing there should be a solid smart lock, believing customers deserve the best, believing going extra miles to deliver a better product.

90K Lock might be something you’ve always imagined to get and it fits house hold use as well as commercial use.

How Does 90K Work?

The remote unlock feature is so easy to use, once the door bell is pressed, you instantly receive a video call from the lock, you may talk to whoever is outside, let them in with a click, or press ignore if they are unwanted guests.

Finger print feature is pretty straight forward. Once your print is authorized, simply flip this cover and press down your finger, that’s it.


Auto Lock feature is also very necessary, I have a roommate who never remembers to lock the front door, and if you are like me who worry about it all the time, 90K Lock will give you a peace of mind. The triple dead bolt guards your house whenever you close the door.

What Kind Of Features Can I Expect From 90K?

Some really cool features that make 90K smart lock unique are:

  • It comes with an embedded 1-megapixel Infrared night vision Webcam: You could easily see who’s at your door, talk to them, and decide whether you want them in or not as long as your phone has internet connection, it is all right in front of you and it gives you ultimate capabilities of choosing who, when and why you need to unlock your home. It works like Facetime or Skype!
  •  Simply flip up the fingerprint collector cover right under the door bell, the lock would ask you to press your finger. With their Fingerprint Unlocking System, you  don’t have to use your key again. Add or remove anyone’s print with a simple  Master Authorization and never worry about losing or giving out a key!
  • Skeptical about the Techs?  They’ve got things covered in every angle! Even if the Lithium Battery is out (which is highly unlikely), you can always power it up by plug in a 4A battery on the bottom. Even if everything failed, you can still open it with your key, which no one uses by the way because this lock doesn’t fail.
  • All the Tech could be nothing if without an awesome lock-core. They use German standard Mortise ‘Extra.B’ grade lock core, takes professional locksmiths at least 270mins to break through, and it defends violent break in for the longest time comparing to other lock-cores. 3 Integrated dead bolt and a latch bolt provides unparalleled sense of security for your family.
  • Say No To Disposable Batteries. Don’t ever buy batteries for our lock, they embedded Lithium Battery and only make you charge it once a year. The lock sends notification to your phone once its power is below 20%, plug in for 8 hours and use for another 365 days. Smart lock shouldn’t feed on 3As, it’s not smart.

Will The 90K Lock Match My Door Color?

The 90K Lock comes in different colors to match your door no matter what color is may be.


Want The 90K Smart Lock?

The team over at 90K Smart Lock need your support on Kickstarter. Visit their champagne page and watch the video to learn more about this amazing product and back them.

Visit for more details and join the Smart Lock Revolution! You can also visit the 90K Lock Facebook page to stay updated with their latest news.

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