Better Than A Domain Name –

So you’re an entrepreneur. You started a business. You want a cool web site but you need a catchy domain name. You search GoDaddy for a dot com name to set up your web site. You search, taken, search again taken. Who are these people? Do I already have competition?

You go to the “taken” domain name web site, nothing there. “This domain for sale, make an offer. Minimum bid 4 million dollars.” What? If you had 4 million dollars you wouldn’t need the domain name. You would be on a beach in Tahiti.

You search further. The best you can come up with is Now what? Who will remember that? Not easily deterred you decide to get one of those Silicon Valley names that mean nothing but are short and cool sounding, like Uber, or Glomr. You search, all taken. Ugh.

You’re not a quitter, what about those new domain name extensions? Surely they can’t all be taken. What are they again? If you don’t know, how will your customer know? You wanted a .com, you need a .com. Now what? Should you just forget about it? No.


Get a RingWord. It’s a simple, easy way to get a memorable “word” and point it at your not-so-memorable domain name. Then auto-redirect  your RingWord to your domain. Simple.

A RingWord makes you unforgettable and all your contacts are linked to your unforgettable word. With our RingWord App, your customers are just a click away from an order.

Your first RingWord is free. Get it before someone else does.

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