Samsung Reveals Their iPhone Killer

samsung reveals the iphone killer with it's infinity flex display

Samsung just unveiled a foldable smartphone. Yes, you read that right!

At Samsung’s annual developer conference in San Francisco this week, the company finally revealed the long-rumored foldable display – dubbed the “Infinity Flex”.

Justin Denison, a Samsung executive, demonstrated how the phone works with a prototype on stage, showing off how the phone could run three apps at the same time when opened.

“The Infinity Flex display is the foundation for the smartphone of tomorrow” – Justin Denison

But Samsung isn’t the only smartphone maker working on foldable screens. It was reported in March that Apple is reportedly working on a foldable iPhone it plans to release within the next two years. So hang tight, Apple loyalists.

We’ve also seen other “unconventional” phones emerge lately. Light Phone is a minimalist’s dream and raised over $2M in funding. The Zanco is the world’s tiniest phone. Nokia made a “Matrix” phone. The Fox Mini 1 is a $30 backup phone for your smartphone.

What are your initial thoughts on Samsung’s latest innovation?

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