Six Tips To Help Your New Employee Settle In

how to get a new employee to settle in

Any business owner worth anything knows that employees are one of the most important parts of any business. Without them, your business likely wouldn’t be able to function and would inevitably go under. When a new employee starts with your business, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You’ll have some paperwork to fill out of course, but once that’s completed, you need to make sure that your employee settles comfortably into their new role. Here are some pointers to help you with that.

Provide An Overview

If you conducted your interviews as they suggest at Workable, you would have explained a bit about your business to each of the candidates, but now you should go a little deeper. Explain where the company came from, what it means to you, what it stands for, and where you want it to go. You should also provide some information on any objectives and goals the company has, so your new employee knows what’s expected of them.

Explain Their Responsibilities

You will also need to explain to the employee what their responsibilities are within the company, and if there are certain tasks that should take priority over other ones. You’ll have explained this in the interview, but it’s always good to say again, just in case anything has been forgotten. You can set them a few simple tasks to start off with and work from there.

Partner Them Up

Never throw a new employee in at the deep end and expect them to know how to swim; It isn’t fair to them and isn’t productive. Instead, partner them up with a colleague who can help them throughout the day and answer any questions they may have. They can also make introductions and give a tour if you can’t for whatever reason.

Review Company Policies

It’s important that your new employee understands from day one what is expected of them and how things run for your business, including any company policies you may have. Using policy management software, you can make this information available online. This allows your employee to review these policies later on.

Have Lunch Together

Make sure that you take your new employee for lunch with all of their colleagues. This is a great way to get some introductions out the way and for them to get to know one another. If you can’t leave the office, order food in instead, and eat it in the meeting room.

Set Up A Check-In

Just because your employee appears to be fine now, it does not mean that they are always going to be this way. Make sure to set up weekly check-in meetings with them so that you can see how they’re getting on. This is a great opportunity for them to ask any questions they have or get some support if they need it.

Your employees are the bread and butter of your business, so ensuring that they are happy and comfortable in their new role is essential.

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