Nam.R – Who Are They And What Are They All About?

nam.r who exactly are they

Data is the driver that keeps today’s business moving forward and Nam.R is at the forefront of non-personal data generation for today’s modern business. They help other businesses by providing their clients with data collection platforms that help their customers to be able to collect the necessary data they need to be able to enhance their business performance.

Using one or more of their specially designed platforms any business can use their technology to be able to gather all of the data that they are looking for. Nam.R offers a number of different data collection products and they serve a wide range of industries including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Insurance and banking
  • Expansion of renewables
  • Waste management
  • Agriculture
  • Supply chain
  • Sustainable cities

What Is The Primary Focus Of Nam.R?

Nam.R was founded by Grégory Labrousse and is located in Paris, France. Its primary focus was providing high-quality non-personal data for businesses in the energy efficiency sector. As they continued to update their software platforms they began expanding into others sectors and providing the same level of data to each one that empowered them to be more successful as a business.

The powerful data collection and generation system that creates smart, geo-localized data that helps their customers get the important data that their business relies on to be successful. By using a unique technology that is built into their unique products; Startup Studio, Data Library, and Data Visualization.

As the technology continued to evolve and their ability to gather more high-quality data thanks to their knowledge and expertise of their software developers, strong management teams, and superb executive leadership, Nam.R is able to tailor their data collection platforms to virtually any industry.

Geo-localized Database Technology And Data Libraries

Nam.R discovered that the true key to business success centers around localized data using Geo-localized Databases and Data Libraries to collect, store and make the data accessible by their clients that include; governments, individuals, and businesses. With the data libraries established, Nam.R developed powerful algorithms called Natural Language Processors that are able to scour the text files stored in the data libraries for the important data that is needed by the client.

Nam R. helps its customers take advantage of the power of data that has become one of the most important parts running a successful company. The data is collected through a number of different sources and once it is added to Nam.R’s data libraries they use AI or Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms to geo-localize all of the data so that it is ready to be used by their clients.

Data Drives The Business World

As the founder, President and CEO of Nam.R, Grégory Labrousse knows exactly how important data is to businesses, individuals and governments and with the teams of brilliant people that he has put together have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the needed data that today’s businesses need to be successful. Nam.R has the products and resources that they can offer to any company, regardless of size the access to the necessary data to enhance their business.

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