Spotify’s Logo Color Change Is Making Users See Red

How can you tell when people truly love an app? When even the slightest color change to its logo results in instantaneous and extremely loud complaints across the web.

That was the reaction Tuesday when Spotify users realized that the app icon for had suddenly changed from its normal pea green to a neon green, similar to the color of the battery-charging icon on the iPhone.

User outrage was so massive that “Spotify green” became a trending topic on Twitter. Reactions ranged from mild annoyance to threats of deleting the app.

Despite the furor over the new color, the old shade is still shown on the desktop version of the app, as well as on the logo on many of the company’s older website pages (although the site’s front page and official Spotify Twitter account shows the new logo color).

Last year the company made a special announcement about its darker background color theme for its app. But no mention has been made about this new app logo color that began showing up on Monday.

Conspiracy theorists out there might think the sudden freshening up of the app’s logo might be a light response to the announcement of Apple Music, a product Spotify’s CEO publicly snarked about last week. But for now, the reasoning behind the color shift remains a mystery.

Via Mashable

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