Spread The Word! Simple Marketing Methods

simple marketing methods

Marketing is likely to take up a big chunk of your efforts when you are scaling up your business, changing your brand, or just when you are a small business, and you would like to generate a bit more turnover. Marketing is now a serious business in itself, and it’s something you can always benefit from getting a bit more information on. And while marketing is a mammoth tool, it can be broken down into some simpler approaches, and each one can do your business a big favor. Here are some simpler techniques to help spread the word.

Engaging In Social Media

It’s a very common practice to use social media now, but this merely works on a personal level. Translating it to a useful business practice is not the be all and end all; in fact, it seldom contributes to your bottom line. But there are some things you can do to help build up your brand and reach out to your customer base:

Post content on a regular (preferably daily) basis – The nature of social media and news feeds means that you can be old news very quickly. If you are posting on a site like Twitter, you can afford to post a few times per day.

Create engaging content – This is all about gearing yourself towards the customer’s needs. They don’t care about you, but what they get in return. Bear that in mind when creating your content.

Use various forms of media – Pictures and videos are a bit more enticing than text, so when it is suitable, incorporate them.

Post relevant content – Much like you wouldn’t post pictures of your night out on LinkedIn, you wouldn’t post serious business posts on Facebook. Make it relevant to the site.

Using SEO Effectively

It is part of the fabric now to have a site that is SEO-friendly. The currency in getting a business heard is all about reaching the top of the search engine pages. Using tricks like having common search terms on your website or having relevant links are two of many approaches you can take. There are many companies and sites that gear their services to getting businesses further up the search engine chain, like https://seojet.net who can work with firms to build strong links and create pages that are strong contenders for SEO rankings. Even if you may be concerned about the quality of certain content, the stronger pages can outweigh the weaker ones. And while there are many ways to get up the SEO ladder, the maxim of creating great content is still applicable. If your content is engaging and creative enough, it will be almost all you need to increase your search engine stance.

Have A “NAP”

Having the right Name, Address, and Phone number in relation to directory listings, and making sure the information is correct and consistent, will help people to find you with ease, and it also helps your search engine ranking. As we always look at the first few pages on a search engine results form, this is proof enough that you need to be smarter in how you market your burgeoning business.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.