Startup SEO – How To Get The Ball Rolling On A Limited Budget

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Startups and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two of the newest additions to the dictionary of career choices of this generation. Both of them have bloomed significantly resulting in a bit of saturation in the market which has made the journey for startups in the online marketing sector a scary one.

It is mainly because there is always a certain amount of risk associated with it and there are no guarantees that the results will be in your favor. Mankind has always moved forward by taking an element of risk and the same approach should be adopted here to give your startup the necessary impetus to succeed in online marketing, of course with some caution.

Some important steps to be kept in mind to flourish with your marketing techniques while on a budget are below.

Identify The Important Keywords

What is the point in investing a lot of money in strategies which do not offer anything substantial in return?

You will notice lesser or negative growth of your startup. This is where the importance of specialist SEO services comes in, who finds out the target keywords that people use to search for products or services that you offer.

If these target keywords are not identified, your startup site will remain hidden from a majority of people and they won’t ever know what you have to offer. These keywords are based on the product or service you market and the latest search trends. A good SEO specialist will include these keywords in your site, making it more frequently visited.

Create A Mobile-Friendly Interface

It is not surprising that most people nowadays use their cellphones to access the internet rather than their desktops or laptops, either due to convenience or due to lack of time.

Therefore, it becomes necessary that your startup site has an interface which is conductible to mobile users. It does not have to be drastically dissimilar to the desktop site, in fact, it need not have two separate sites for desktop and mobiles.

A responsive and simple website design can also do that. In fact, there will be a marked increase in traffic if you offer a mobile-friendly site.

Keep The Website As Simple As Possible

The simpler it is, the more convenient it will be for your target audience to navigate your site. You should not lose out on some prospective clients due to the fact that they got irked by the complexity of the content and navigation and decided to move to simpler ones.

Focus on the right things to write about which will lure your customers. Always remember that a good content is one that even a layman person can understand.

Plan Proper Marketing Strategy

Having a goal and working towards it helps in improving your work to progress. In the world of intense competition, you have to sit and strategize properly in order to move forward quicker your opponents.

It should be taken into consideration at various points, what kind of audience you are targeting, what is the age group, how do you plan to market to it, what should it achieve and how to solve an issue if it is not achieving what you expected. One more important thing is to keep evolving your strategies with the changing times so that you are not left far behind.


Prioritizing what you want to achieve is very important and failing to do so is one of the most common reasons for failure of startups. Time is of utmost importance, but you should know what to concentrate on first and what can be considered later.

Use Social Media

There has been a boom in the usage of social media in recent times and it is only apt that you use this platform to popularize your site and increase marketing. Having proper exposure on social media will increase the traffic to the site.

Make sure you have created a page in the name of your brand on all famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Also make sure that there is always someone active on the site, updating the latest trends and changes. This will make your brand more visible.

The Website Should Be Flawless Technically

The role of SEO specialist is of utmost importance here. He must ensure to create a website that loads fast, doesn’t show errors, be user-friendly, doesn’t have broken links and do not have plagiarized content.

Content Is Of Utmost Importance

However much optimization you do, it should be backed up with relevant and attractive content that will manage to hold on to the interest of the audience even after you have managed to lure them into visiting your site. Therefore, the quality of content is very important and it will determine how successful your SEO has been.

Have patience. None of this happens overnight. Keep focusing on properly channeled SEO efforts and the results will start coming soon in your direction.

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