Taking A Step Back: Running Your Business From The Top

running your business from the top

Businesses take blood, sweat, and tears to get off the ground, there’s no doubt about that. But once everything is up and running and you’re turning a profit, there comes a time when as a business owner you can take a step back. Instead of plowing through a ton of work each day, you can simply oversee things from the top instead and enjoy a much less stressful role. Hoping to get to this point? Here’s how you can go about it!

Find Good Workers

Businesses are made up of so many different roles, and to ensure success, you need to make sure that these are being fulfilled by the right people. Those that are hard working, reliable, trustworthy and genuinely care about the success of the business. When your employees do what they’re supposed to do off their own back, it saves you time and hassle chasing things up. In the recruiting stage, find those who are self-motivated, able to work on their own initiative and have a track record of working well as a team. These traits mean each staff member will be as productive as possible and get on with their job with as little input from you as possible. To get the best employees, you need to make your business an attractive place to work. Offer good wages based on their experience, and added employee benefits. This could include anything from a company laptop, car or smartphone depending on the role they do. Medical, dental and retirement plans will also allow your company to stand out from the crowd and attract the best employees. Happy staff that do their job well makes for a more laid back boss who is able to take a step back.

Be An Approachable Boss

Building up trust and respect from your employees is important. Being the kind of boss people feel as though they can speak to means your staff are far more likely to come to you with any issues or if things aren’t working as well as they should. This means that problems are nipped in the bud and sorted as quickly as possible and aren’t left to go on or become bigger. Studies have shown that people with a very stern or unapproachable boss at work are likely to be far more stressed in the workplace which can affect productivity and job satisfaction. Even if your aim is to create a business that ‘runs itself’ you will still need to oversee things from the top. So be attentive and considerate when approached by your employees.

Invest In The Right Tech

Outdated systems will cost you valuable time and money, and could even put your business in jeopardy. Old pen and paper accounting methods for example have a high level of human error, plus it’s time-consuming (and therefore costly) for someone to go through. Fast computers which are installed with up to date business software and programs are the way to go. Business presentation software, collaboration, live chat, and accounting software will all make tasks much quicker and easier. Discovery manager software such as ediscovery solutions can save time on data movement and reconciliation between software systems. While you are always going to need staff in your business, you can certainly reduce the number of people you employ with the right technology and software,

Plan Out Your Office Space

Since most of your businesses work will be done from the office, it’s important to carefully think through this space. A nice office is another way you can boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Paint the walls a light neutral shade which will bounce the light around, and purchase proper office equipment such as ergonomically designed desks and chairs. Daylight is a natural mood booster so move desks close to windows, and add plants which have been shown to boost productivity in the office.

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