Client Problems & Their Simple Solutions

client problems and solutions in business

For businesses which offer a multitude of services to other clients, it can sometimes be hard keeping everyone as happy as possible. If this is the nature of your business, then you might be keen to know how you can best keep your client as happy as possible at all times. Of course, there are always going to be problems – that is just part of the process. But as long as you know what potential issues there might be, you will be more likely to be able to deal with them. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most common problems between a business and its client, and how you might be able to solve those issues.

Lacking Clients

One particularly important problem is when you don’t even have any clients to work with. For most businesses, this is really a death knell, and it is something that you need to resolve as soon as you possibly can. Getting hold of a decent amount of clients can be quite tricky, but in time most businesses are able to develop their own methods of doing so. If you are finding frequently that your business does not have a good list of clients, then you will need to work on building up your database and connections. This is hugely important for the health an ongoing growth of your business, so make sure you spend some real time on this before anything else.

To build your client list, it is a good idea to go out of your way to contact others. First of all, you need to know where it is that you are likely to find your kind of clients. This depends hugely on what industry you are in and what service you offer, but you should have a strong idea of where you can find people who need your service. Pull out all the stops, and don’t be afraid to approach rather than sit back and wit to be approached. If you take this active approach, you will find that you end up with a much healthier list of clients, and this will ensure your ongoing success in your business much more surely.

Failure To Pay

Something that is likely to cause a lot of consternation in any business is when clients routinely fail to pay, or to pay on time, for the services provided. You might be surprised at just how often this actually happens. For many businesses, this is completely standard. However, just because it is so common doesn’t mean that you actually need to put up with it. If you find that you are having trouble with a client, or a few clients, paying you, then you should work hard to chase the money that you are owed. It is only fair that you get hold of what you have worked hard for, so don’t’ be afraid to go out and get it. But how can you make this process easier?

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you are paid on time more often, and it is worth looking into whatever options are available to you. One of the best methods is to use invoice factoring. Services like these provide businesses with a way of getting hold of their money considerably faster and more reliably, while also making the whole invoicing process considerably easier as well. If you are interested in this, you can read more at Business Factoring here, or search for the best in your local area. But that’s not the only way to ensure you get paid on time. The more that you work within an industry and relate strongly to your clients, the more of a reputation you will get for not taking any nonsense. You might be surprised at how easily this can lead to clients paying you much faster and more reliably. Cash flow is important for any business, so this is a hugely essential part of the whole process.


One particularly frustrating experience is when a client is not being entirely honest about a certain aspect of the work. There are so many possibilities in this regard that it is impossible to list them all. But it is important to remember that sometimes clients do lie and act dishonestly, sometimes in order to get more out of a situation for themselves, and sometimes due to a lack of understanding about something. There is a line to be drawn here – you want to trust your clients and give them the benefit of the doubt, to begin with. But you should also be sure to keep one eye open at all times, just in case someone is planning something dishonest. You never know when a client might try to con you, so you need to make sure that you are focusing on protecting your business as well as possible at all times.

If you feel that someone is not being entirely honest with you, you might want to think about approaching them directly about it in a firm and polite manner. This is generally the best way to come to a peaceful agreement, and it will ensure that you get the kind of result that you really need. Nobody appreciates dishonesty, so you should do everything you can to ensure that you work hard against it when it arises with your clients.

Lack Of Clarity

Something that can cause a surprising amount of trouble is when a client is not entirely clear about what they want from you, or what they expect. This can cause many issues, not least because you need to be able to know as a business what is expected of you in order to be able to deliver properly. If there is a lack of clarity, it can be difficult to know what to do. When this happens, the solution is generally to simply approach the client and ask them to be clearer about what it is that they want. Asking politely is the best way to understanding, and you will find that it really does work.

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