How To Get Ahead Using Just Your Smartphone

how to get by using your smartphone

If we said you had an addiction, you probably wouldn’t believe us. However, if we told you that you had the same addiction as everyone else in the western world – an addiction to your smartphone – then you may just shrug a little, pull a face of dispute and then accept that this is probably the case. Don’t worry, this addiction is sweeping the globe. But that begs the question, why are you not doing more to latch onto this addiction when it comes to your retail business?

A recent study by DMI stated that those retailers that provide a top-quality mobile experience will be the retailers that soar ahead of the competition in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction, and data.

Don’t admit defeat just yet, though, because the race has barely begun. This means there is plenty of time to join the peloton of successful retails, and you can do that by improving your mobile offering in the following ways.

Look At Your Pricing

Everything these days is about ease and efficiency, which is why customers want to be able to easily compare prices and see offers specific to them. That’s where having a native app can be seriously beneficial, especially if it allows your customers to build a shopping list from home and then get notified of any promotions or discounts when they are out and about on a shopping trip.

Make Paying Easier

The day where we only need to leave the house with our phone is fast approaching. You can control your heating from your phone, you can start your car using your phone and you can pay for things using your phone. The latter is relevant to you because understanding Apple Pay could see you move ahead of your competitors and scoop up a large chunk of business thanks to the ease and efficiency you are offering.

Know When Stock is In

The undisputed champion of the inventory is Ikea, that’s a unanimous decision. They have latched onto a want and need that the customer didn’t even know it had and they have done this by making it simple to check the inventory in-store, online and nearby stores to make sure a product is in stock before making a trip. This is genius, especially for a retailer like Ikea who is often out-of-town and solo. It gives the customer confidence and hugely increases their chances of visiting the store, where they will likely buy more than just the product they were after.

Consumers Do Their Research

Nowadays a consumer reads an average of three reviews before buying a product online, so make sure you have a function that allows your customers to review the items they have bought. Details of the product, information about the brand and reviews from other customers; that is what the consumer wants to see when they go onto your website or, better yet, your app. Some stores have even taken this a step further by allowing their in-store customers to scan the QR code on an item using their app, which then brings up customer reviews, a well as other details too.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.