Tech Accessories For Mobile Business Leaders

tech accessories for mobile business leaders

Small businesses don’t want to remain small businesses forever. Word of mouth, online hits, peer recognition, and returning customers placing bigger orders all mean your business is growing with or without you. At least, that’s what we hope will happen if our products or services strike a chord with our target market.

If you’re yet to experience that kind of multi-angle business growth, various digital marketing campaigns could hold the answer.

A growing business means more travel and more meetings. Suddenly, you find yourself on the move. Train journeys and flights become the norm. Conducting business through tired eyes from your laptop replaces your cozy office chair. Some tech accessories may be able to help.

Portable Laptop Charger

Picture the scene. You’ve been traveling to a business meeting for hours. You forgot to wear comfortable clothes, and now your business suit is starting to feel restrictive. To pass the time, you’ve been watching re-runs of your favorite TV show on your laptop. Out of nowhere, you get a warning that your battery is low. Oh, no!

Now you have to arrive at the business meeting and immediately ask for a charger. That’s going to make you look amateurish and under-prepared. You need a portable laptop charger. Also, consider purchasing a slimline laptop sleeve rather than clumsily dragging a laptop out of a cumbersome carry bag. Anything that can lend your business appeal and an air of sophistication is going to help with winning over clients.

Projector For Laptops

Projectors have come on leaps and bounds since the days of loud whirring machines that didn’t work in daylight and overheated within minutes. Powerful portable projectors (with a stand and pull-down projection surface) are more affordable than ever. Say goodbye to holding your laptop in the air to share data or asking people to gather around your small screen to see a graph.

Showing up with personal presentation tools that look good and work the first time is going to make you look professional. If clients have a choice between vendors, anything that can add to your appeal is worth your time and investment.

Virtual Assistant

You may be familiar with Alexa or the Echo (other virtual assistants are available). These small and easy to transport units can be the jewel in the crown of your business meeting. Not only can you add an audio element to your presentations, but virtual assistants also allow you to connect to your office.

Need to speak to your sales manager about the projected figures? Call them through your virtual assistant using voice commands. This approach opens up your business to the room, hiding nothing, and giving prospective clients a better feel for who you are and how your company functions.

People will always remember how you made them feel. Your one-person-show in meetings can leave a lasting impression and investing in tech accessories can help you to do it.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.