Telecom Industry Trends 2020 And Into 2021

telecom industry trends 2020 and into 2021

It’s finally almost here, the end of this challenging year. 2020 has been one obstacle after the other. It was the year of stay-at-home for work, school, and workouts. The majority of shopping was done online. And, social distancing became a popular phrase around the globe. However, through this year of unprecedented times, some industry trends have emerged from the Telecom Industry.

It’s Time For 5G

The trend of 5G in 2020 will continue to spread in 2021. With the benefits of increased speed for data, enhanced resolution for videos, and the ability to connect to multiple devices. 5G is going to continue to evolve the Telecom industry as more and more of the world gets on 5G networks, communities, and more.

The IoT Will Facilitate Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices that communicate to one another, but that can be monitored remotely. This is what will foster the growth of Smart Cities. These Smart Cities would have a network of connected devices communicating to one another, but also adding another connection level, the residents. This would allow residents through an app to tap into a community’s parking availability or even rules for mask wearing in local parks.

Artificial Intelligence

This year of virtual everything led to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will continue into 2021 with 5G capabilities. The growth that has been in multiple areas, but the largest by far in 2020 has been in customer service. By using chatbots or virtual assistants, companies now can automate customer service calls and messages. In 2021, it is anticipated that these AI communications can foster a lot of collaboration between businesses, governments, organizations, and community members through IoT and Smart Cities.

The evolution of the Telecom Industry has always been about advancing communication and sharing information. It is hard to remember what we did without the internet and the cloud. However, it wasn’t that long ago. Now, in the twenty-first century, the industry has morphed into an even better version than before and almost in the blight of an eye. The telecom technology is now sparking more interconnected communication, sharing of higher-level information, and collaboration amongst colleagues, peer organizations, governing bodies, retail stores, educational facilities, apartment buildings, entire neighborhoods, and even non-for-profits..

Maybe in 2021, you will live in a Smart City or know someone that does. Also, the telecom industry is moving at lightning speed towards automation with AI. Maybe you have already been on an AI call for customer service. Maybe you just didn’t notice all of the technology behind the Siri-like voice. You are probably already enjoying 5G speeds on videos, data, and connecting your multiple devices. However, if you aren’t, maybe it is time to give yourself a gift of a 5G device. The holidays are coming up rather fast. Regardless of the year, always remember; before you make a move for your business or invest in technology, you should know the latest statistics and trends in the telecom industry in your region as well as around the world.

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