The Facts Of Remote Work

the facts of remote work

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, people began to purchase personal computers for their homes. In 1985, Windows I was introduced to the computer world and we would never be the same again. While it took a while for eCommerce to catch up, the dream of working remotely was probably born that day.

The Early Years

The internet took on a life of its own. Websites came into being for every company, for individuals, and kids. Social media, content media, keywords, SEO, a SERP became part of normal conversation in every marketing meeting. An email was delivered instantly. Sales support was now available from their smartphone.

Below you will find a few things that are often overlooked about working from home.

Working From Home

Your home is your place of rest. Though you may not see it that way with all the work you have to do, your brain disagrees. When you work from home, you can stay in your pajamas all day. You do not have to put on make-up or brush your hair. No one is going to give you a dirty look if you go to the kitchen for an extra cup of coffee. When doing remote work, you can keep all the remotes on your desk and play the stereo really loud between calls. You probably think you can keep the baby home with you and if you join the car club, you can manage to take care of your 6-year-old after school too.

Reality Check

You must have a lot of self-control to work at home. Your work is checked more closely than those who work in the office. You have to be sharp and ready to answer the phone by the second ring because it could be the boss or the client. As a matter of fact, we often recommend that home employees keep a work diary detailing their work for the first 6-months.

Babies cry. They cry when they are bored, hungry, sleepy, or when you turn your head to answer the phone. Another fact is that clients do not feel like they have your attention when they hear your child crying.

Don’t Underestimate Your Employer

You could be the best in your field. But if you are not performing to the best of your ability, you are no longer in the running. Employees sometimes see the lack of supervision as permission to change their deadlines, to do what they feel like and they do not care how that will affect those before and after them.

Your boss may think you are perfect, but there is a safe bet he has a bank, business partner, or distributor that finances his inventory. He has to meet with them to discuss his financial picture. This is just good business. He has to know everything that is happening in order to relay it. Just like he has a tracker on the Territory Manager’s car, computer, and cell phone, you can bet he has tracking software on your system. Some of the software will tell him where you were online and how long you were there. Where you visited. What programs you used and what the results were. At the end of the day, he knows exactly how much work you did and how much it cost him.

Remote work options are almost everywhere. Some people work from home. Others travel to other cities, or even around the world. With the power of the internet, Wi-Fi, and video chat, the world becomes a lot smaller than you think. People who need services of a professional that may have not been available in the past can now find help.

Read on for some pros and cons for working at home.

Pros Of Working Remotely

  • You can work when you are most productive.
  • You do not have to contend with other employees distracting you.
  • There is no “Office Drama” keeping thing stirred up.

You Save Money

  • No gasoline to drive to work.
  • Less wear on your automobile.
  • No cash out for lunch.
  • No coins spent for soda, coffee, or snacks.
  • Remote work means that your clothing will last longer.


  • You will have less stress on your body and mind.
  • You can eat healthy meals to keep your body balanced.
  • Control blood pressure with short breathing exercises to help keep you calm.

Cons Of Working Remotely

  • It takes a special person to work from home. You must be a self-motivator.
  • You need to keep yourself up and dressed and cared for. You are still an employee and certain expectations are trusted to you.
  • Sometimes when you are not in the office, you miss things. You have to take it on yourself to be sure you are up to speed.
  • You must keep your attitude modest. Do not get proud because you are the first, but it also indicated you will not be the last.

As you see, win or lose, it doesn’t matter. You are clearing the trail for the next generation. We will have plenty of data on the future of remote work, because of people like you. Take a chance on yourself. It could lead to something wonderful.

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