The Best iPhone Backup Tool You Can’t Miss In 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are spending most of our time at home or indoors, therefore this is a great time for iPhone users to do management and backup of their iPhone content. AnyTrans can help you easily back up your iPhone files and comprehensively manage your iOS content.

Why You Need To Backup Your Phone

In a world where our phones are taking over the roles of our PCs and have become our constant companions, it is imperative to have a backup strategy to protect not only our photos and apps but the personal data that we rely so heavily on every day. Everything from power loss to theft to simple owner mistakes could cause the complete disappearance of everything you need and hold dear. The standard approach of relying on iTunes no longer works as we use our phones for more than we have ever had in the past and iTunes has limited capabilities for backup.

The ultimate tool AnyTrans has overcome iTunes backup limits and now allows you to backup all of your iPhone data so your information is safer, more secure, and available whenever you need it.

Your Backup Strategy

Backing up your phone is never fun, yet it is vital to ensure you have coverage, control, and access to all of your data. AnyTrans makes backing up your iPhone less painful by offering 3 options that will allow for quick and easy backup.

Full Backup: The AnyTrans Full Backup makes a full backup covering everything your iTunes backup includes, plus a lot more! Unlike an iTunes backup, AnyTrans full backup makes sure your podcasts, imported photos, music, movies, audiobooks and more are included! In one click, all data, settings, and your complete media collections are safely backed to your computer.

Incremental Backup: Making full backups takes a lot of time and storage and is often not necessary. The AnyTrans Incremental Backup option allows you to backup only the data that you have added or changed in your iPhone since your previous backup. This optimized solution saves you time, consumes less space and is an important part of your backup strategy.

Air Backup: The AnyTrans Air Backup solution allows you to backup your iPhone without the hassle normally involved in backing up your device. This process allows AnyTrans to automatically, wirelessly, and silently backup your phone without you doing anything.

Scheduled as needed – daily, weekly, monthly – backups happen without you even taking your phone out of your pocket or purse.

100% secure, painless to use, and with more storage than iTunes read more about making AnyTrans part of your backup strategy.

Easy Management Of Your Data & Devices

AnyTrans one-click transfers allow seamless transfer of all of your content between iOS devices and iTunes and the Cloud. Data is organized easily to enable you to freely manage your photos, movies, personal files, and other information.

Our Home Screen Manager, Ringtone Maker, and Social Messages Manager are just a few features that will help you update and personalize your iPhone to make it look, sound, and feel exactly how you want.

Try AnyTrans For FREE Today!

We all have extra time on our hands now, so AnyTrans is offering their full version to everyone for free for 90 days! Download before April 30, 2020, and in addition to the best iPhone Backupper, you can enjoy the handiest iPhone Manager, Ringtone Maker, and all the pro and paid features that will make your life so much easier.

Bottom Line

After testing AnyTrans, we think it’s truly a wonderful and an all-in-one data backup tool. In fact, it’s not just a data backup software, it’s also a data management tool. You’re free to delete, transfer, rename the files in your device. Meanwhile, you can transfer photos, videos, messages, notes from your iPhone/Android to iPhone, from your PC to iPhone, or from your backup to iPhone.

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