The Top 5 Business Answering Services Of 2021

the top 5 business answering services of 2021

In today’s market, the business environment is very competitive. Therefore, it’s your duty as the business owner to ensure your existing and potential clients are always getting the best quality service possible. This is vital during the first interaction when you need to make sure your clients get professional and courteous services.

If you’re a small business owner and lack the finances to hire professional staff to attend to your clients, investing in answering services is recommended. But with the many options to pick from, choosing the best answering services isn’t a walk in the park. Here’s a highlight of the best answering services for 2021 you need to consider.

Abby Connect

This company based in Las Vegas is one of the best choices when searching for answering services. You get a free 14-day trial to decide whether its team of receptionists are any good. After that, you’ll need to pay and are given a local phone or toll-free number and can have infinite users. The three payment plans to choose from are;

  • Plan A: $274 per month for 100 minutes
  • Plan B: $499 per month for 200 minutes
  • Plan C: $1089 per month for 500 minutes

Hiring the services of this company means you get help in different areas, including:

  • Voicemail solutions
  • Call announcement and transfer
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Voicemail recordings and boxes
  • Voicemail solutions
  • Custom transfer tunes

The receptionists operate Monday to Friday between 5 AM to 9 PM Pacific Time. During the weekends they’re available between 6 AM to 6 PM. If you wish for 24/7 services, you’ll need to pay an additional fee.


If you want reliable answering services, then RingCentral is undoubtedly one firm you must consider. They provide you with numerous services such as voicemail transcription, call recording, and numerous location re-routing. All this is done by an automated receptionist, which despite not being human features, calls re-routing functionality and personalized greeting.

How much you pay for the answering services depends on the number of toll-free minutes, and the packages are:

  • Essentials Plan: 100 minutes for $29.99 per month
  • Standard Plan: 1000 minutes for $34.99 per month
  • Premium Plan: 2500 minutes for $44.99


This is a premier answering service that prioritizes quality and offers unmatched services. Some of the stand-out aspects of this company are its excellent call quality and professionalism. They also charge a reasonable fee for their services, with the available plans being:

  • Basic: $49/month for 20 minutes
  • Business: $99/month for 50 minutes
  • Pro: $249/month for 150 minutes
  • Executive: $449/month for 300 minutes
  • Enterprise: $799/month for 600 minutes

If you’re skeptical of their quality of service, you can take advantage of the seven-day free trial.

Map Communications

This company started in 1991 and is based in Chesapeake, Virginia. They offer their services in different areas in the United States with a bilingual team of receptionists that manages emergencies, qualifies leads, schedules appointments, screens callers, takes messages, and handles call overflow. You get 24/365 support, and they have various plans, including:

  • Standard: $39/month for $1.15 each minute
  • Business: 125 minutes for $149/month
  • Executive: 225 minutes for $249/month

Ruby Receptionists

The receptionists at these answering services can take messages, schedule appointments, route calls to a different number, and greet the callers. They do this 24/365 and work alongside you to ensure you get the best quality services. You get a 21-day money-back guarantee for all the different plans, which are:

  • Call Ruby 100: 100 receptionist minutes for $319/month
  • Call Ruby 200: 200 receptionist minutes for $599
  • Call Ruby 350: 350 receptionist minutes for $999
  • Call Ruby 500: 500 receptionist minutes for $1399
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