This New Tech Is Changing The Way Business Owners Think

It seems recently there has been a greater push for consumers demanding more tech on the market. But really, the general public isn’t where the money is. Tech developers know that if they want to make money they have to design software and hardware that is useful to the commercial market. Perhaps, that is why it seems as though more businesses are finding innovative technology useful in their company models. It was designed for them in mind. You might be wondering what type of tech we’re talking about. There are several types of advanced technology that have taken the business world by storm.

Contactless Technology

The potential possibilities of contactless technology are quite simply astounding and businesses have noticed. You’ll find some form of contactless technology used in almost every business in the world today. The most basic form is perhaps keyfobs. These make businesses easier to access for owners and employees. But they also make them more secure against intruders. Some of the more innovative forms of contactless technology include the use in marketing. If you have a display of a product, consumers can point their phones at the display. They can then view the product on the device and immediately make the purchase. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you can make buying that easy you’re going to see an increase in sales. One of the leaders in contactless tech is NFC direct and they have many tech designs that could help a modern company.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has been around for quite sometime. But it is only recently that business owners are starting to understand its full potential. It’s one thing to be able to let your clients and employees access information on a shared server. But it’s quite another to use cloud tech to always keep track of your business funds in real time. You can see how much you’re spending on marketing and how much you are receiving in investments. Or how about knowing exactly how much stock you have and when the next shipment of materials to arrive? We’re not talking about on a laptop screen either. You can view all this on your phone with the latest tech.


It’s clear that there’s going to be a big push in more virtual reality technology this year. But what people may not realise is that businesses jumped on this bandwagon long before. If you attended any tradeshows this year, you will have seen stalls using both VR and AR to market their product. Through AR it doesn’t matter if the product isn’t ready. You can still show investors what they could be getting using state of the art tech. But when VR is truly accepted by the general public we will see it’s power in marketing like never before. Imagine walking down the streets with VR glasses and seeing adverts come alive next to shops that you are passing. This technology could reinvigorate a dying high street.

It’s clear then that businesses are finding uses for innovative technology. Some of which haven’t even entered the general market yet.

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