How The Health Industry Has Embraced Technology This Decade

We live in a world where technological innovation is a growing trend.  The healthcare industry, in particular, has embraced technology in almost all aspects. From laboratory tests to data monitoring, the industry has a strong reliance on technology.

These days, we live in a switched-on digital world. The healthcare industry is seeing more use of devices like smartphones and tablets. And more patient consultations are taking place in the privacy of their homes. Thanks, of course, to technology!

The industry has seen something of a technological revolution. Hospitals and doctor’s offices now have no physical boundaries like walls and doors. Technology helps healthcare professionals to better meet the needs of their patients.

So, in which ways has technology been of use to the healthcare industry this decade? Here are a few examples that are becoming more commonplace these days:

Electronic Health Records

Gone are the days where patients relied on healthcare staff recording information on paper. Computer technology has meant patient data is now held on electronic records. As you can imagine, that opens up a whole world of possibilities both for doctors and their patients.

Did you know that more than 80% of hospitals in the U.S. have adopted electronic health records? Soon that number will reach 100%! There are several benefits to putting in place such systems. For example, it makes it easy for staff from different departments to access data. That’s because they can all use the same database, in effect.

It can also give hospitals a clearer picture of the services used by patients. Reporting functions are quicker and easier.


There will be times where it isn’t practical or possible for patients to attend hospital. They may not have the resources to do so, especially in rural locations.

The rise of telemedicine software has meant those patients can now access healthcare services. It’s not a new approach, but it’s one that has seen increased development in recent years.

Telemedicine also makes it possible for doctors in the field to get expert guidance. For instance, telemedicine software, can be used in locations where certain equipment is unavailable thanks to the improvement in healthcare software development.

For other people, telemedicine makes it possible to have a consultation with a doctor via the Web. A video link between doctors and patients also lowers staff costs from a doctor’s point of view.

Mobile Healthcare

There is little one cannot do with a modern smartphone these days! An interesting use of today’s mobiles is for healthcare. Service providers and doctors can offer mobile healthcare “on the go”.

Mobiles and tablets allow doctors to access patient data, for instance. They can also get used to run tests on patients using connected wireless equipment.

Today’s mobile devices have power that can rival that of conventional desktop computers. It makes sense for the healthcare industry to take advantage of that fact for the greater good.


As you can see, there are a plethora of technological possibilities out there. New developments for healthcare are getting made all the time. This decade has seen many exciting new advances in healthcare technology so far.

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