Top Tech Tips For Frequent Travelers

top tech tips for frequent travelers

You quickly realize how little you can take with you and stay within your luggage weight allowance when you travel. And when you are away frequently, you want to take enough kit to keep yourself comfortable and connected. These top tech tips will be ideal for those who are often on the road regardless of the reasons.

Portable Phone Charger

It goes without saying that people will travel with at least one screen device that will try to run out of battery at the wrong moment. Bypass this hassle by ensuring you pack a portable power bank in your suitcase. You can keep your cell phone or tablet charged up while out and about without the worry of trying to find a socket to plug in to.

Solar Powered Option

If you’re worried about regularly finding a place to charge your power bank after use, then opt for a solar-powered model. This is a terrific wireless option, especially for those going off the grid, giving travelers the ability to draw power directly from the sun. Solar power chargers now come in various sizes, from compact single device chargers to large multi-device generators. Any traveler will find the perfect choice.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

When you’re sitting on a crowded plane or train for several hours, the noise from all the other people can become tiring and overwhelming. You may be trying to catch up on work between meetings or catch some sleep after serious sightseeing adventures. Noise canceling headphones come into their own here, and the best noise-canceling headphones Sony offers are ideal for taking away with you. Especially as they have a well-rounded range that includes both over-ear and in-ear models, meaning there’s a headphone for everyone.

As well as stopping others from encroaching on your peace and quiet, you’re ensuring you aren’t imposing your noise on others. If a hotel room has a wall thin enough for you to hear the neighbors talking, they’ll be able to hear your laptop playing a movie. Putting on your Sony noise-canceling headphones means neither party is being annoyed.

Photo Capability

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use a camera or the inbuilt camera of your phone; you want to come home from your trip with amazing pictures to remember it by. And a great way to achieve this is by packing a couple of small gadgets to improve your picture taking. The first is a selfie stick, allowing you to take photos of more than just your forehead with those famous landmarks by extending the reach of your arm when alone. The other tip is to take a posable tripod that you can set up to hold your phone or camera in the most awkward places.

Roaming Data

The easiest way to stay connected and share your fabulous photos is to ensure your cell phone data allowance is set up for roaming. Roaming charges can be astronomical, so check your plan before leaving home and ensure you have the best deal. Although you may not be planning to make many phone calls while you’re away, it’s useful to have the ability to for emergencies. And as public Wi-Fi networks are not always secure, being able to access the internet from your personal 4G connection gives excellent protection.

Language Need Be No Barrier

Wherever you’re visiting, connect with local people in their language by downloading a translation app to your smartphone. Although we’d all love to speak a dozen languages fluently to smooth our travels, this isn’t reality. Apps such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translator allow you to communicate with fewer misunderstandings and thus forge better relationships.

Look After Your Batteries

Should your travels take you to places with extreme weather temperatures, you need to look after your battery-powered devices to ensure they keep working properly. Lithium-ion batteries really don’t like the cold and stop working in freezing temperatures. Keeping your phone and camera in an insulated pocket or pouch can help prolong their usability in the cold. For the opposite extreme, make sure to keep devices out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating.

Books To Go

You no longer need to painstakingly choose which book to take away with you to keep within luggage allowances. Even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can quickly turn a smart device into a Kindle with the Kindle app. You’ll have access to thousands of books, fiction, non-fiction, and even for children. Don’t let the fact you’re between meetings cause you not to get your written fix.

Other Written Sources

It’s not just books you don’t need to do without while on the road; other readily downloadable apps give you access to many magazines. Readly gives you access to not only loads of magazines but newspapers as well. Excellent if you don’t want to fill up your phone memory with multiple apps for various publications. Think of how relaxed you’ll be sitting poolside with a cool drink and a choice of magazines to browse at your fingertips.

Universal Adapter

An essential item to pack in your suitcase or backpack is a universal adapter so that you can always plug in your devices regardless of the country you’re visiting. It’s the ultimate way to keep your tech items charged up and working wherever you are. Previously you needed to take several individual adaptors if you were going to more than one country, which creates bulk and weight. It’ll no longer be an issue with a universal adaptor as everything you need is integrated into the one easy-to-use gadget.

With careful choices of which gadgets you pack and how you use them, it’s possible to have all that you need for work and play while away without killing your luggage allowance. And even if luggage weight allowance isn’t a worry, by minimizing the things you take with you, there is less scope for losing them as it’s easier to keep track of one or two devices rather than four or five.

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