Touch & Alfa Are About To Make A Lot Of People Very Happy With Their New Plans

lebanese telecom providers new plans

I never thought I’d say this, but Lebanese telecom providers Touch and Alfa are actually doing a great job in reducing overall prices, for real this time!

Just two days ago, Lebanese owned OGERO officially rolled out the new DSL Internet plans it had promised for so long, giving the country a breath of fresh air.

Following this roll-out, the two major telecom providers in Lebanon, Touch and Alfa have announced that they will also be offering new data and voice plans.

Before getting into the new data plans, it’s worth mentioning that both providers (in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunications) have announced immediate reductions on the mobile lines prices, including categorized numbers, as part of a strategy to meet the needs of the public.

The new mobile line prices are below:



Now let’s talk data. Data plans for both providers have seen a reduction in price with a significant improvement in overall monthly usage than that of the past.

We’re still far behind the rest of the normal world, but not for too long.

The new leaked plans (and yes these are only leaks, nothing official) are as follows:

  • Plan 1: 5 GB = $15/Month
  • Plan 2: 10 GB = $25/Month
  • Plan 3: 20 GB = $40/Month
  • Plan 4: 30 GB = $55/Month
  • Plan 5: 40 GB = $70/Month
  • Plan 6: 50 GB = $85/Month
  • Plan 7: 100 GB = $120/Month

How accurate are these leaks? We’ll have to wait and see to find out.

Let me know what your thoughts are on all the developments in the comments below.

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