How To Unlock A Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

how to unlock samsung galaxy s8

We all love our smartphones; in fact some of us are crazy about them. But they turn into a nuisance if they are locked with any particular carrier. Most of us start looking into ways to unlock our smartphones on the internet. There are many websites which provides professional assistance and services to unlock the smartphones.

People, who want to unlock their Samsung Galaxy S8, usually worry more since the phone is pretty expensive, because it’s the latest in the series and also a flagship. has special expertise in unlocking the Samsung smartphones. They ensure the unlocking of Samsung Galaxy S8 through proper channel.

SIM Unlocking Of Phones

If your phone has a SIM lock and not accepting a certain network SIM, the safest way to SIM unlock your phone is through an unlock code. However there are some other methods are also available but the preferred one is by unlock code.

You have to request your service provider for the unlock code but after qualifying their terms of unlocking or from an unlocking service provider by paying few bucks. You have to give them your Phone’s IMEI number

Once the SIM unlock code is acquired, you’d have to put another SIM in your phone, once prompted, the unlock code must be entered, The phone is now SIM unlocked.

Methods To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8

When it comes to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8, there are mainly two ways.

By Software

To unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 with the help of software, the phone must be rooted first. By rooting the phone’s operating system, the official warranty may be erased.

Unlocking by altering the phone’s operating system is regarded an unsafe way and an unadvised process, due to some very important reasons.

By rooting the phone, there are high chances that the phone might get soft bricked or hard bricked, which can result in making the device useless.

By changing the software settings, the phone gets exposed to easy hacking.

By Unlock Code

The safest and most convenient way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 is by the unlock code, has credibility in providing the unlock codes of Samsung smartphones.

The IMEI number is required to request the unlock code of the Samsung Galaxy S8. To get the number, you have to dial *#06# from your phone or you can look for the IMEI number on the back cover of Your Samsung Galaxy S8.

You can order the unlock code through their website, by verifying the payment method. Once the order and payment are confirmed, the unlock code will be delivered through Email.

Steps To Unlock Your Phone

Once you get the unlock code, the following steps must be followed.

  1. Insert an unacceptable SIM card (the one which the phone doesn’t accept or support)
  2. The phone will ask for the Unlock code or the SIM network unlock pin.
  3. Enter the defreeze or unfreeze code( an unsuccessful message appears)
  4. Enter the Network Code and the phone is now unlocked

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S8 is easy and safe through the unlock code; but the software unlocking method can cause permanent damage to the phone.

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