Useful Tips When Choosing Your Business Name

tips when choosing your business name

Finding the correct name for your startup can significantly affect your the success of your company. Choosing the right name can make or break your entire business. Here are 8 useful recommendations when deciding a name for your business:

Stay Away From Anything Hard To Spell

You don’t need potential clients getting confounded about how to discover your business on the web. You need to abstain from having to remedy the incorrectly spelled form of your name consistently. Keep it basic.

Try Not To Pick A Name That Could Be Restricting As Your Business Develops

When picking a name, be sure to not pick a name that limits your company.

Consider the following: Imagine Jeff Bezos had picked a name like “OnlineBooks” instead of “Amazon”… It would have limited them entirely to books. Pick a name that allows your company to diversify into other industries if need be.

Check For Available Domain Names

Ever since the .com boom, unique domain names have become increasingly difficult to find. When naming your business, be sure to check the availability of your desired domain name for your company. By using a domain name availability checker like Shopify or GoDaddy, you can find out within seconds whether your desired domain is available.

Get The .com

My solid inclination is that you secure the “.com” domain name for your business as opposed to choices, for example, .net, .org, .biz, or other conceivable area expansions. Clients tend to relate a .com name with a more settled business.

The only exception is if you are a location based company and it would make more sense to use a GEO specific domain name such as a or .ca.

Pick A Name That Passes On Some Importance

Think of all the most popular brands you use regularly “Nike”, “Amazon” or “Apple”. They all have one thing in common, great names. When picking a company name, it’s often a good idea to cherry pick ideas from some of the most influential brands on the market.

Ask For Opinions

Once you’ve settled on a business name or have a few that you can’t decide between, asking others their opinion can be the best way to settle on the right one. Whenever naming a business it is very important to ask what other people think about your chosen name.

Say It Out Loud

A good way to tell good names from bad is to say them out loud. It can be the easiest way to avoid picking a bad name.

Make It Unique

Having an original business name is important. When picking a name, try and choose something unique and that you won’t be confused with other companies. After all, the goal when picking a business name is to make your business stand out.

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