Vape Tech: Understanding The Different Systems & Choosing Your First Vape

vape tech understanding the different systems and choosing your first vape

You’ve decided to explore the world of vaping, joining numerous users worldwide who have caught onto the benefits of this trendy tech. Vapes have undergone a considerable amount of innovation since their initial release, and their boom in popularity has made it so that the market is busier than ever. But where do you begin? Well, right here. This guide explains the tech that powers vape devices and what you should be looking for from your first vape. Let’s start with some basics.

The Difference Between Open & Closed Systems

This is a good place to begin your understanding. It is pretty easy to get your head around, and big retailers like RELX Vape usually supply both choices.

Essentially, an open system vape allows you to remove and replace the pod manually, meaning you can refill it whenever you like without purchasing an entirely new vape. These are often the most popular.

Closed system vapes are not customizable, but they are disposable. Everything comes included in one device, which you can’t open or refill. Once it’s empty, you throw them away. Both have their pros and cons, which you can explore for yourself as you delve deeper into the world of vape and the different types of devices.

The Different Types Of Vapes

To make the right purchase, you need to fully understand what you want from your device and which device will achieve those aims.

If you aren’t sure if vaping is for you, investing in an expensive device isn’t a good idea. Likewise, if you think vaping is the future, buying a cheap disposable will not satisfy you. Listed below are some of the most common varieties of vape. This round-up should help to give you some idea of where you should put your money.

Vape Pens

The most common form used among beginners is the classic vape pen. They tend to be small, subtle, and easy to use, which is why they make such effective starter devices. They are often cylindrical and pretty aesthetically appealing.

Box Mods

These guys tend to be a lot bigger than vape pens, which provides them with their signature punch. They have extended battery life and a larger e-juice capacity, so they usually find their homes with experienced vapers. They might not be the best choice for absolute beginners, but we include them because they make up a good chunk of the market.

Pod Mods

The closest devices to a cigarette that you’re going to find, if you switch from smoking to vaping, then these are for you. They can feature both an open or a closed system and are exceptionally easy to use, usually just requiring the push of a button and an inhale.

Jump Right In!

We have given you the basics to get started. Now it’s time for you to take the leap. Research is vital in this market. Purchasing the wrong device could mean that you ditch vaping before you ever gave it a fair chance.

Whatever device you ultimately go for, remember to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try new things.

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