Video Ads: Targeting Key Demographics Just Got Easier

video ads targeting key demographics just got easier

If you’re not making videos about your business, you may as well travel back in time. Your business will look incredibly out of date if you don’t have a YouTube channel which had amazing videos of what goes on in your business. Your professional passions, your desires and your future hopes should all be shared on your own YouTube channel so you can inform your customers and the wider consumer of who you are and what you can offer them. It’s such an amazing time to be a small business owner, you have so many different tools at your disposal to increase your reach to the world, and video ads are certainly the way to go.

The key for any business, is deciding on what the key demographic is going to be and marketing the products and services to them directly. Being efficient in your marketing campaigns is vital to using your budget wisely. In this day and age, video marketing is by far the most powerful way to do this.

Working With YouTube

As you have probably noticed, business and YouTube have gone through a rough patch lately but it seems to be over. What was called the “Ad-Pocolyse” shook the platform to the core. Suddenly the platform was very picky for which of it’s channels got advertisements. This did limit the pool of influencers that business could choose from. However this has not passed and everything seems to be back to normal. As a business, YouTube wants to hear from you.

If you have created a video ad of your business and would like to have it played to the right demographic on YouTube, speak to them about this. Set your demands and clearly state the kinds of consumers you’re going after. YouTube will then present a list of channels for you to scan over and give your approval. These channels will be making content that mostly your key demographic views so your ad is effectively and strategically placed in their videos.

Analyzing Under-Performance

It’s a good idea to start making regular content as a business. SpaceX is a wonderful case in point. This space exploration business is continually uploading videos about it’s latest projects. It also does live streams of it’s launches and more. Consequently, this makes the channel very popular for the YouTube algorithm. Currently, the channel has 2.57 million subscribers giving it a massive footprint in the marketing world. Even if you’re targeting the right demographic, you may also want to target other demographics that will one day become your key demographic.

The new generation that are too young to buy your products just yet, can be informed of who you are, so when they’re ready, they can purchase things they like from your business. Using Software for Google Ads optimization you can download PPCnerd Demographic Manager for Video. It has options which allow you to keep or exclude under-performing demographics. You get a clearer picture of which demographics your videos are not reaching.

By analyzing which demographics your channel is not resonating with, you can diversify your video marketing and YouTube channel. Working with YouTube is perhaps the best way to have your video ads placed on channels that target your own key demographic.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.