Watch This Breathtaking Chilean Volcano Erupt In A Beautiful 4K Timelapse [VIDEO]

Last April, Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted for the first time since 1972, much to the surprise of scientists and government officials alike.

Though photos and video quickly appeared online, Timestorm Films just recently released its gorgeous 4K timelapse of the eruption. High-definition footage of Calbuco’s billowing clouds of ash, combined with some truly ominous music, make for one stirring piece of filmmaking.

In the video description, filmmaker Martin Heck writes that he and his crew had spent a few days prior to the eruption visiting neighboring Osorno volcano, and were headed south when Calbuco blew. They rushed to the nearest clearing and set up every camera in their arsenal, frantically backing up their full memory cards to make room for the unexpected footage.

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