This Optical Illusion Video Is Going To Leave You Confused For Days [VIDEO]

The mind works in mysterious ways. Optical illusions function by tricking your brain into thinking you are seeing something completely different than what is actually being shown. This can be done by using color, tricks of light, or misleading patterns that our brains completely misinterpret. Because what we see with our eyes is different than what the brain processes, optical illusions can be completely mind blowing and near impossible to figure out. Sometimes it seems like these illusions have to be acts of magic or sorcery, but truthfully they are just creations of the mind.

So, if you’re one of those people who always has to know how something works…this might not be the best video for you. You will probably never know how all of these optical illusions are pulled off, but that’s some of the fun…right? If you do decide to play some epic tricks on your brain, this video definitely delivers. From the car that seems to be hovering off of the wall, the images that dance around a piece of paper, or even the Rubik’s cube that looks normal until you turn the page sideways, these illusions will have you wondering what the hell you just watched. And, no…none of it was photoshopped or doctored in any way.

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