Website, Tick. Now What?

website tick now what

Sure, there was a time when the first step of starting a business was slightly more open to translation and different avenues could be taken to starting out on your path to success. However, we no longer live in the 1980’s and that means there is only one first move to make; get yourself a website. But not just any website, one that is sleek and professional, easy to navigate and representational of your brand. However, chances are you already knew all of this. What seems to be made up of slightly murkier waters is what you should be doing after you’ve established a website. What strategies should you be employing?

Why is this important? Well, without utilizing the right strategies to drive traffic to your website then there is very little point in having one. Your website is your first impression, it is your way of telling the world who you are, convincing new business to find out more about you and, it may even be, your way of selling a product directly to customers. However, none of this is possible if you’re not getting your website in front of people. But don’t fret, because we’re here to help you understand how to amend all this.


It stands for search engine optimisation and basically alludes to how often and how high up a search engine results page you will appear. That’s where a good strategy is necessary because you probably aren’t the only business operating in your sector. In fact, you definitely aren’t because we live in a tenacious world dominated by competition. This means researching how to improve your SEO, but it includes using keywords in your website, choosing the right domain name and all sorts of techniques whereby you need to think about what your target audience will search for.


This is a solid way way of improving your SEO. By blogging, you are increasing your chances of getting found because you have constantly updating content, which is what the likes of Google likes to see. So blog well and blog often. Follow trends. Make sure your blog titles have keywords in them that people will search for. Use links and backlinks. Chuck in original photography. All of this stuff will go in your favor.


This is one of the most often asked questions; how to increase your marketing credibility to drive traffic. Well, it is a matter of maintaining contact with new and existing customers. Blogging does this. But so does managing your social media profiles because that’s now the primary source of information. You need to also have engaging content go onto all of these avenues, starting with your website. You want people to a) find your site b) like your site and c) return to your site. It’s that simple. So utilize marketing strategies like PPC and SEO and social media and replying to customers quickly and effectively, because it all goes in your favor when producing regular and repeat traffic.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.