WhatsApp Business: 3 Reasons You Should Be Using It

whatsapp business 3 reasons you should be using it

WhatsApp launched its much-anticipated WhatsApp Business app in January 2018. About a year later, it has developed into a multi-faceted and very important platform among users, especially businesses and people interested in providing much better customer service.

This text will discuss all you need to know about WhatsApp Business and how to get the best out of this platform. So, without wasting time, let’s get to it!

What Is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is, no doubt, a giant in today’s world of instant messaging. With over 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp is currently available in over 180 countries and facilitates over 60 billion messages between users every day. It is no surprise why the world anticipated so much for WhatsApp Business and its offers.

As the name implies, the WhatsApp Business app is targeted at businesses. WhatsApp believes the app will improve the way businesses interact with their customers. Communication in the current world encompasses texts, chats, posts, and tweets. Customers are continuously looking for more convenient channels to reach businesses, just like they do with their friends and loved ones.

This is exactly what WhatsApp Business is bringing to the table – a business messaging option that fits perfectly into the evolving ‘conversational commerce’ system. Technically, WhatsApp Business is the ordinary WhatsApp app packed with some extra features that will facilitate a better connection between businesses and customers. This means that the secured, trusted messaging feature is retained, but now finetuned to facilitate real-time B2C conversations.

A few of these additional features include:

  • A different logo.
  • A special business chat identification tag to detect chats from a business account.
  • Full Business Description – address, description, location, working hours, email addresses, and websites.
  • Quick Reply Function – allows users to send a predefined text as replies to frequently asked questions by customers.
  • Greeting Message – helps to introduce your business to customers.
  • Away Message – helps to inform customers of the unavailability of the business.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Business?

If you are looking for specific and convincing reasons to join the WhatsApp Business trend, here are a few you should consider.

WhatsApp Business Is 100% Free – Yes, you read right. The WhatsApp Business platform, is free, at least at the moment. So, you do not have to spend a dime to reach out to your customers worldwide.

Your Customers Are On The Platform – It might interest you to know that the WhatsApp platform boasts 1 billion active users daily, out of its entire 1.5 billion user population. The chances of finding your customers on this platform are very high.

Huge Business Potential – The WhatsApp Business app is one of the most popular customer service channels out there. The platform makes customer engagement smooth. It is even better, considering that most of these customers are already using the WhatsApp platform. You can rely on WhatsApp Business for excellent digital communications. Based on the type of message, you can engage up to 256 people simultaneously or individually.

Finally, the WhatsApp Business app is sure to offer all you need in terms of support for your customer service and marketing needs.

Top 3 WhatsApp Business App Partners You Can Trust

Now that you are convinced about WhatsApp Business and ready to join the trend, you need to find a reliable app partner to work with.

Why? Unlike a Facebook page or a personal WhatsApp account, you cannot create a WhatsApp account for your business all by yourself. You can only get a WhatsApp Business API account via a WhatsApp API partner.

To save you the stress of sieving through the tons of options online, we have recommended three excellent options below.


CommBox provides a state-of-the-art customer service experience targeted at boosting your sales via WhatsApp Business API. There is a smart inbox feature that offers smooth and instant responses to all inquiries, thanks to the AI-powered chatbot powering it.

You can send and receive files, know where your customer is currently at, and verify the identity of your customers. Also, with CommBox, you can receive secure payments and send invoices, among other essential features. There is also end-to-end encryption that guarantees maximum security at all times.

CommBox, through its AI-powered chatbot, will remove repetitive tasks. It is available 24/7 and compatible with all channels, thus giving a real omnichannel experience.


Karix is one of the leading and largest mobile engagement and communications providers in the system. The company, over the last 18 years, has specialized in connecting clients with their customers. The brand serves multiple industries, including e-Commerce, Retail and FMCG, Automotive, Government, Direct to Home, and Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services.

Karix offers two deployment models – the Managed Cloud and the Managed On-Premise options. Either way, you can notify, execute transactions, retrieve vital information, and more importantly, interact with your customers with its business solutions.


Nexmo is here to elevate customer experiences with its unique API. The system allows you to send notifications, customer service messages, and essential information your customers need on WhatsApp. Apart from alerts and notifications, Nexmo offers excellent customer support options for your customers, as well as two-factor authentication that allows users to login without having to memorize passwords.

The prices are relatively competitive; you can spend just € 2000 on a one-time set-up for a number. The monthly plan costs depend on the number of outbound messages per second – €400 and €800 for 20 and 40 messages respectively.


WhatsApp Business is, no doubt, a game-changer for businesses that relies on excellent customer service experience to thrive. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes – from banks to grocery stores, providing a unique opportunity for brands to enjoy instant and safe communication to its users.

It remains to be seen whether WhatsApp will roll out more exciting business features in the coming years. While we wait, it is clear that more businesses will join this network and adopt it as their most preferred customer engagement channel.

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