WebTCards Online Kanban Board Helps You Grow Your Profits

webtcards online kanban board helps you grow your profits

Working online gives any business the opportunity to expand in directions they never thought possible, but with that freedom comes a mess of different priorities, deadlines and expectations that can cause gridlock and stop any team dead in its tracks. Does that sound like your business? If it does, then you probably need a WebTCards online kanban board to straighten out the knots and give you the freedom to grow your profits without being held back.

How Does It Work?

Visibility is key for any business, and the WebTCards online kanban system is simple. Assign a card in the workflow to any person, task, order or objective and see their place in the overall ecosystem simply mapped out, so you can see looming capacity issues, deadline build-ups or mounting orders laid bare – and there’s nothing nasty lurking behind the numbers.

Japanese Productivity Without The Price Tag

Based on Japanese management systems, a kanban board helpfully categories tasks in a simple visual workflow so that you can see where you are with every stage of a project at a glance. It presents complex information in a way that’s easy to digest; whether it’s a product development schedule, a sales process or a long supply chain. Kanban software has revolutionized countless workplaces and turned stymied teams into well-oiled machines.

Your Teams, Your Way

Thanks to the WebTCards highly intuitive kanban system, you can create the workflow that works best for you. With highly customizable boards and cards and unlimited custom fields, you can store your kanban online in a form that works best for your team and without being held back by a rigid structure. And, if your needs change – that’s no problem! You can rip it up and start again. You and your team will be less stressed and more productive, and you’ll spend less time starting tasks and more time finishing them!

Scalable, Shareable, And At Your Fingertips

You’re probably used to clumsy spreadsheets, cumbersome wall-charts and mountains of sticky notes – but you can say goodbye to all that with the WebTCards online kanban system. Whatever you need, big or small, there’s a solution for you and a workflow that captures the essence of your business in one simple visualization. They’re here to help, and they’re on the side of the small businesses under pressure to succeed. To prove that, they offer free telephone support and they’ve kept the whole service free for small teams – so you’re free to grow and scale with WebTCards at your side.

Still not convinced? They’ll be happy to give you a free demonstration! Sign up now at https://webtcards.com/ for a free trial, no credit card needed.

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